What is so Sustainable about the Hemp Plant?

Hemp has been used for many purposes since prehistoric times. Our ancestors probably used the hemp plant for the same basic purposes as we do today. The long fibres are, for example, perfect for tying rope or weaving hard-wearing clothing. But as we face a major ecological challenge today, the applications of hemp are almost endless. Does it make sense to grow hemp in the garden?

Hemp vs. Weed
We are talking about fibre hemp here. This is a different subspecies of Cannabis sativa than weed. Hemp is in fact cultivated for other properties than the production of the intoxicating substance THC. That is what weed is mainly grown for.

Ecological challenge
Climate change has far more consequences than a rise in sea level. In parts of Europe, summers are getting warmer and winters are getting wetter. This is something we are already experiencing in the Netherlands. In other parts of the world, around the equator, temperatures are rising so fast that it is even harder to get water. It is up to us as humans not only to improve the climate, but also to better deal with the consequences.

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