The T-Room
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T. Bag Retro Sketch - Hidden Objects.

Did you notice that T. Shirt has kept many souvenirs from his various quests? They are all present in the video. This is where they were hidden.

Golden Letters

I thought I would include some form of brand identity for Tommy's Tea Shoppe goods. I made the golden Ts as a sort of company logo that would be put on items around the shop.  

The Town Clock and Silver Numbers

This one is dead easy to spot, since I included it as a sort of spooky plot device. T. Bag stopped the town clock before, and now the clock stops in response to her approach.

Major Happy's Glockenspiel and Gold Bells

Another easy one. I figured T. Shirt would have this hanging on the door as a shop bell.

Professor Sparkes's crystal

This one is fairly tough as it is difficult to spot on camera. It does show up occasionallly, though. Notice the windchime in the middle of the shop for no reason? Did you spot the thing that catches the wind? Yes - it's a crystal.

The High T. Lady's Silver Spoon

This one is also fairly tough.. The spoon is on the table.

The Pearls of Wisdom and Compass

Quite an easy one. This shows in the very first shot through the window, but it also shows up later on in a couple of shots.

The Rings of Olympus

Could be easily overlooked. They are in the armchair below the clock on their cushion.

A Sunstone of Montezuma

This one is pretty tough. The sunstone is mounted on T. Bag's belt in the centre.

A Golden Envelope

This is the hardest of them all. The envelope doesn't really show until the final shot of T. Shirt. It is on the table just underneath the menu.