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T. Bag Retro Sketch - Costumes

Of course, T. Bag had to have a new wardrobe for her new adventure. The costumes are one of the things that makes the T. Bag series so visually interesting! Here are some details on the costumes I designed for the sketch.

T. Bag

The script called for two new costumes to be designed for T. Bag: one where she looks like "A dishevelled old bag lady, a veritable compost heap on legs" and the other where she is "Standing... in all her former glory - the famous red costume and all".

Here are the two I came up with. Click to read about each one and see them in detail.


T. Shirt only had one costume in this sketch. It consisted of a bought in green polo shirt with a gold T in tissue lame glued to it. The trousers were also bought in as was the waiter's apron. The real challenge with this costume was the cap. Click the image to read a bit more about it!