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T. Bag Retro Sketch - The Book

Because my crew and I didn't have any experience of film as a medium, and are more experienced with theatre, we decided to approach producing the sketch using theatrical methods. We decided to make a Book.

The Book in theatrical productions is a document kept by the stage manager that details EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know in order to put on a show. It includes information on set, cast, rehearsal dates, costume and also details the script and where people stand and move to during the various scenes (this is known as "blocking").

Click the images below to see our Book.

Checklists and rough stuff

Well,the boring stuff has to be done. The first image shows the rehearsal and filming call. The other images show various checklists that had to be worked through. There were several checks made prior to rehearsal and filming, and ticks were put in in different colours on different checking rounds to make sure everything was present before transporting to rehearsal and filming locations.

The final image shows a checklist for Health and Safety at the filming location. It was filmed at a local nursing home, so we had to choose a time of day when the residents were not using the room and had to accommodate any staff and residents who may have wanted to use the room, since they had more of a right to be there than we did. We therefore had a VERY narrow time margin in which to film, so we had to get in, film and get out again in the space between meals at the home (we did the lot in 2.5 hours).

Director's notes

The first image shows the initial introduction to the characters that I gave them before the first read through (after they had been given footage of the show as well) just to set the mood for each character.

The second image shows my page of things to consider when filming in terms of giving sufficient time for the special effects, etc.

The third image are notes to Norma (T. Bag). James (T. Shirt) had some notes as well, but I haven't included these in the scan for some reason. Actor's don't really like to get notes as it suggests that they are doing something wrong. The notes I gave, however, were mostly to do with performing in front of a camera, though, which none of us were used to.

Annotated script and storyboard

This is the script annotated for me on the camera and for sound effects, etc. There is a simple storyboard to give an idea of blocking and what camera angles to use. Meticulous planning was needed because of the narrow time margin that we had for filming. It ended up being fairly close to the storyboard, although a couple of shots were changed as they didn't work out in rehearsal as intended.

Assistant Director's notes

These are notes regarding movement and blocking made by Katie (the assistant director)

Camera Plot

This is the camera plot and final scene breakdown used by the camera.


The top image shows a couple of concept designs for the T. Bag dress. The others show the final designs.

Printed Props


 These are props used in the sketch.