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Welcome to Thomas's Curiosity Shop

As part of my odessey to London for the filming of the reunion DVD, I decided to take my camera along to where it all began - The curiosity shop where the T-Bag series was set.

The shop, and indeed, the company Papillon Toys is owned by Robert Charrington, who has given the T-Room his kind permission to photograph the shop.

Papillon Toys has been a toy retailer now for 21 years. Visit their online shop here:


The shop itself is situated in Twickenham just off King Street in Church Street. In the first scene of "Wonders in Letterland", King Street is the busy street that you can see behind Debbie as she walks down the road.

If you were to approach the shop from the same direction as Debbie, it is totally invisible since it is tucked away behind what is now a bar.

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