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Take Off with T-Bag

Episode 8 (Bin Bag)

First Transmitted 3.11.1992



Gilly Coman as Bin Bag


T-Bag is puzzled when the next set of coordinates lead them to a patch of dead space. She sends T-Shirt and Tow-Ling out in a space walk to see if they can find the surprise. They can't find anything, however.

When they come back in, T-Shirt spots a furry thing stuck to Tow-Ling's spacesuit. "Great! Just what we needed - a hippie tennis ball!" sneers T-Bag.

T-Shirt picks it off Tow-Ling and sees that it has two little eyes and a big smily mouth. Tow-Ling asks if they can keep it, but T-Bag is scared to death. It leaps at her and sits on her headdress. She wails frantically to them to get it off. It eats one of her hat pins. T-Shirt gets it off. "Did you see it? It was going for my throat!" yells T-Bag.

T-Shirt tries to feed it some biscuits, but it isn't interested. It does, however, eat a teaspoon. T-Shirt surmises that it must only eat metal things. Tow-Ling christens it "Nibbles" and takes it on a tour of the ship.

T-Shirt spots a massive blip on the radar. Tow-Ling is astounded by it too. It turns out to be a gigantic spaceship which swallows the flying saucer whole. Once they are inside the ship, the systems on the saucer go dead. Tow-Ling is excited and rushes out with Nibbles to explore. The others follow. T-Bag complains that you can't even park in space for five minutes without being towed away. T-Shirt suggests that they should have left it on a parking meteor, but T-Bag is not impressed. Tow-Ling decides that the best course of action would be to find the captain of the ship and explain the situation to get the saucer back. They all agree and set off.

Nibbles suddenly goes mad and shoots off. Tow-Ling runs after him and tracks him to a massive vat of paper clips. He is apprehended by a rough looking woman with bright cerise hair and leather gear on. She locks him in a cage and tells him to wait there until they get to Zanussi. Tow-Ling protests that he just wants to borrow the ships computer to check out some coordinates. The woman (Commander Binbag) tells him that there are no computers any more because they were all wiped out in a virus. She tells him that they have to do everything with pen and paper again. Tow-Ling works out that the ship is a massive recycling plant that collects space rubbish and recycles it into paperclips to cope with all the paperwork.

T-Bag and T-Shirt get lost in the ship, but T-Shirt eventually leads them back to the docking bay where the saucer was captured. They find that the saucer is gone.

Tow-Ling finds Nibbles (who, after his paperclip meal is now the size of a football) and calls him to let him out. Nibbles eats the lock off the cage and Tow-Ling escapes. Nibbles shoots off again.

T-Shirt sees that there are drag marks where the saucer used to be. They track it to a large door and open it to reveal a huge smelting plant. Binbag is beginning the process of cutting up the ship to melt it down. T-Bag is furious. They ladies nearly come to blows, when Nibbles flies through the plant. Binbag is panic stricken. She tells them that it is the most nefarious parasite in the galaxy and it will eat and eat and grow until there is nothing left of the ship. She grabs a gun and shield and runs off. T-Bag and T-Shirt follow. Tow-Ling joins them, and they all don suitable armour and set off to destroy Nibbles.

When they find Nibbles, he is the size of an elephant, and munching on bits of the ship. T-Bag formulates a plan. She puts a bomb into a metal saucepan and leaves it out in the middle of the loading bay calling, "Come and get it!".

Nibble eats the bomb and T-Bag detonates it. Nibbles is blown into a million pieces, each of them turning into a tiny version of Nibbles. Binbag is not impressed, but Tow-Ling turns traitor to Nibbles and calls all of the little versions, which come running to him. He stuffs them all into the trash zapper and zaps them into space.

Once they have saved the ship, Binbag gives them back the saucer. T-Bag is dismayed because she still doesn't have her birthday surprise. T-Shirt tells her to look on the bright side because binbag was so grateful that she gave them a lifetime's supply of paperclips. In the box of paperclips, he finds another golden envelope and also... another Nibbles!

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