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Take Off with T-Bag

Episode 5 (Doctor Strangebag)

First Transmitted 13.10.1992



Trevor Peacock as Doctor Strangebag

Joanne Campbell as Bermuda Schultz


T-Bag and crew land on a carribean island. T-Bag orders them to find the birthday surprise, despite T-Shirt's desire to top up his tan. Tow-Ling suggests looking in the sand for the present, so T-Bag magics up a spade and packs them off to dig, despite Tow-Ling's suggestion od using a metal detector. Naturally, when they are gone she magics one up and uses it herself.

Tow-Ling finds a sign warning people off the island. He tells T-Shirt that they could be in big danger, but T-Shirt tells him not to be so ridiculous before he spots a skull on a pole which gives him a fright.

T-Bag, meanwhile, is still searching with her metal detector. She has discovered a huge pile of junk, so she threatens to throw the detector on the scrapheap unless it finds the surprise. She follows the trail into a cave and finds an elevator which is activated, taking her down into the depths of a hidden cave.

T-Shirt and Tow-Ling are still panicking about the skull. T-Shirt tells Tow-Ling that they need to get off the island as soon as possible. They set off to find T-Bag.

When they walk away, the eyes of the skull light up and it swivels on its pole, following them with its gaze. The skull turns out to be a secret camera owned by Dr. Strangebag who inhabits a secret hideout somewhere below the island. He sees that there are intruders on his island and tells Oddbod, his goldfish, that they should entertain their guests.

T-Shirt and Tow-Ling find that T-Bag has gone missing. They hear a strange noise which startles them, so they make a dash for safety, but fall over each other and land in a heap on the floor. A woman walks out of the bushes and tells them that she will not hurt them. She tells them that she is collecting shells on the island. T-Shirt tells her that the island is dangerous. The woman thanks him for the warning, and she leaves. They decide to go back to the saucer. When they leave, we see the woman crouched in the bushes with a gun in her hand.

The elevator with T-Bag in it stops and the doors open. She steps out into Strangebag's hideout. He sees her and introduces himself.

Back in the saucer, T-Shirt is whingeing that T-Bag has told him off for wanting a quick holiday, whilst she has wandered off and is probably living it up on the silver beaches of the island. Tow-Ling points out that she might be in trouble. They decide to go and look for her just in case.

Back under the island, Dr. Strangebag is pouring on the charm with T-Bag, but she is not impressed. She demands to know what he is up to and what all the strange devices in his hideout are. Dr. Strangebag is greatly amused by her and tells her that it will be such a shame when he has to kill her. T-Bag laughs in his face, and Dr. Strangebag tells her that he will explain his plans for the Earth before he kills her, and takes her off on a guided tour of his underwater city.

Tow-Ling and T-Shirt are still searching for T-Bag. Tow-Ling tells him that they should split up, but T-Shirt tells him that he has promised to look after him. Tow-Ling sees right through this and accuses T-Shirt of being scared. T-Shirt vehemently denies this and then grudginly lets Tow-Ling go off on his own.

Tow-Ling soon spots a set of footprints and follows them into the cave. The elevator is activated and takes him down to the hideout. He cries for help.

T-Shirt comes rushing to help, but can't find Tow-Ling anywhere. The woman comes rushing back onto the beach and bashes into T-Shirt. She has a gun in her hand. T-Shirt demands to know what she has done with Tow-Ling, and she tells him that she came to help. T-Shirt demands to know who she is and she decides to tell him that she is with MI5 on the trail of Dr. Strangebag, an infamous, powercrazed evil genius. She recruits T-Shirt as an assistant secret agent.

Tow-Ling arrives in the hideout, and is impressed by all the gadgets. He hears Dr. Strangebag and T-Bag laughing. He hides and they return. T-Bag asks how Strangebag intends to take over the world. He shows her his enormous missile. He tells her that when he launches it, it will explode in the atmosphere and cause a huge storm which will flood the Earth and destroy the population. T-Bag tells him that they will make a great team. Dr. Strangebag is furious and tells her that he will rule alone. He pushes T-Bag away and shoots her with a dehydration ray, and she turns into a pile of dust.

He then starts the countdown for the missile.

On the beach, the agent (Bermuda Shultz) is waiting impatiently for T-Shirt (who is changing clothes in the bushes) before she checks out the cave. T-Shirt comes out of the bushes dressed in a spiffy white tuxedo. He shows her all the gadgets which he has incorporated into his outfit. He has a radio transmitter in the heel of his shoe, oxygen tanks in his cufflinks, a swivelling bow tie that squirts ink and also a powerful electro magnetic Sooty wristwatch. He demonstrates the watch and gets buried in the junk that T-Bag found earlier.

Bermuda digs him out and tells him that they must press on.

In the hideout, Dr. Strangebag is gloating whilst he waits for the launch of his missile. He goes to perform one last check on the system. Whilst he is away, Tow-Ling creeps out of his hiding place. He hears the elevator and dashes for another hiding place, until he sees that it is T-Bag and Bermuda. T-Shirt asks where T-Bag is and Tow-Ling points to the pile of dust that T-Shirt is standing on and explains that he is standing on her. He reverses the ray gun and rehydrates T-Bag.

Tow-Ling points to the countdown display and yells that they have to stop the missile. They all dash towards the missile, but Dr. Strangebag rushes in and stops them by threatening them with a gun. T-Bag laughs at him and tells him that there is one small detail that he has over looked, and she tries to zap him with her magic. Unfortunately, since she was dried out, the power from her tea has worn off, and so she stands there clicking her fingers and stamping around.

"You think flamenco dancing is going to save you?" yells Dr. Strangebag. He backs them into the missile room and ties them to the missile. Bermuda starts panicking. T-Shirt stays cool and notices that there is a sharp knife on the table in the main hideout that Strangebag had been eating apples with earlier. He pushes the button on his watch, but a metal plate flies towards him instead. He tries again and he gets the knife. He uses it to cut the ropes that they are bound with. With 25 seconds on the countdown, they dash out to stop the missile, but Dr. Strangebag catches them and points the dehydration ray at them. He says that he will have to stop them and fires the gun. Tow-Ling holds up the shiny metal plate and the ray bounces off it and hits Strangebag, turning him into dust. Bermuda stops the countdown with one second left.

After they have finished congratulating each other, T-Bag demands to know where her birthday surprise is. T-Shirt points at Oddbod and tells her that he is the surprise (jokingly).

Back on the saucer, T-Bag is gazing forlornly at Oddbod in his tank. T-Shirt tells her not to be too downhearted because they got a new pet out of it. He is holding a conch shell from the beach. in it, he finds the next golden envelope.

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