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Take Off with T-Bag

Episode 4 (Curse of the Mummy)

First Transmitted 6.10.1992



John Savident as Claude de Terre

Peter Majer as Gunther Kashbag

Norman Beardsley as The Mummy


This is my favourite episode from this series.

Tow-Ling is playing his flute in the saucer, when T-Bag tells him to shut up saying that it sounds like a giraffe with a punctured neck.

Tow-Ling lands the saucer in egypt.

Gunther Kashbag and Professor Claude de Terre are arguing. The Prof is yelling at him because he was hired as a guide and has misled him several times. The Prof is about to fire him, when suddenly he spots some heiroglyphics. He is astounded because they are so fresh looking and well preserved (he doesn't notice the hammer and chisel that fall out of Gunther's backpack). He apologises to Gunther.

T-Bag, T-Shirt and Tow-Ling get out of the saucer. Tow-Ling tells an awful joke (My pyramid has got no nose. How does it smell? It sphinx!), so T-Bag gets really cross and sends him back in. T-Bag and T-Shirt spot the archaeologists and decide that they must be getting ready to dig up a tomb. T-Bag assumes that her birthday surprise must be under the sand, so T-Shirt decides to stop the archaeologists from getting it first by enlisting the help of experts to persuade them otherwise. They disguise themselves as Kit Bag and Sir Paisley Shirt.

They introduce themselves to the archaeologists. They establish that they are searching for the same tomb (that of Tutankramesesnebuchadnezzar). T-Shirt tries to throw them off the scent, saying that they are digging in precisely the wrong place and he points them in the right direction. Gunther tells the Professor that they are trying to trick him into digging in the wrong place so that they can take the credit for finding it themselves. The Professor gets angry and pulls out a French flag and stakes his claim that he was there first. T-Bag pulls out an English flag and claims it for England and "The Queen". They have a big argument.

T-Bag and T-Shirt return to the saucer and T-Bag vows to think of a plan to get to the birthday surprise before the archaeologists.

At their camp, the Prof is eating snails. He decides to retire to his tent, and Gunther tells him that he is certain that they will strike gold in the morning.

During the night, a door in the side of the tomb opens, and we hear a load of rasping breath and roaring. A large stone block levitates into the air and floats towards the Professor's tent. It hover briefly, and then falls right through the centre. crushing the tent and everything inside it flat.

Gunther awakes at the sound of the thud. He yells to the Professor, and he emerges from behind a construction, saying that he had just popped "for a quick...". He then spots the rock on his tent and blames those "devilish English rogues". He storms off to the saucer and bangs on one of it's landing legs with a shovel.

T-Bag answers the door and tells him to get lost. The Professor deamans an apology, But T-Bag throws a bucket of water over him.

Later that night, the Mummy comes into the saucer and puts a rattle snake in T-Bag's bed before beating a hasty retreat. T-Bag awakes, hearing the rattling and screams. T-Shirt comes in and reassures the snake that it must be awful for it, and tells it not to panic. Tow-Ling charms the snake with his flute and they are able to dispose of it. They blame the archaelogists.

T-Bag storms to the campsite and wakes the Professor. They all have a standup row, until Tow-Ling comes along with his flute. T-Bag grabs the flute and thorws it away. She tells Tow-Ling to get lost and they all carry on with their row. Tow-Ling wanders to have a look at the tomb and finds a tiny entrance. He goes in and finds all manner of treasures inside.

The row is still going on outside, when Tow-Ling opens the main entrance to the tomb and interrupts it. They all go into the tomb. Gunther starts grabbing all manner of trinkets and goes into raptures over how rich he is. The Professor tells him that they are not graverobbers, but scientists. Gunther tells him that they could be graverobbers in their spare time, but T-Bag supports the Professor saying that it simply isn't his to take, "The reason being it's MINE!".

Tow-Ling stops her from grabbing treasure and warns her that the Ancient Egyptians often left curses on their treasure. Gunther poo-poos this idea and says that he need never work again. The Professor orders him to put it back, but since he no longer works for him, Gunther refuses. He pulls out a gun and tells them all the the treasure belongs to him now. He goes to leave the tomb, but the Mummy creeps up behind him. Gunther turns around and sees the Mummy. He turns into a pile of dust on the ground. It then looks at T-Bag, who also has a load of treasure.

T-Bag sees this and puts all the treasure she has taken back where it came from. The Mummy then turns around and leaves. They run out of the tomb at the sound of a huge crack of thunder.

Outside in the desert, they find a crate in the sand. When they open it, there is another envelope inside.

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