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Take Off with T-Bag

Episode 2 (Thief of Baghdad)

First Transmitted 15.9.1992



Alex Bartlette as Ali

Norman Mitchell as Sultan Bagwash


In the saucer, T-Shirt is teaching Tow Ling to make a cup of tea. He hands it to T-Bag and it is revolting.

In a bazaar in baghdad, a merchant (Ali) is at his stall trying to sell to passers by. Sultan Bagwash walks past, and Ali grabs his attention and tries to sell him something. The Sultan is not interested because every time he has bought something from his stall in the past, it has turned out to be a disaster. Ali then insists that he is trying to do him a favour by stopping everyone laughing at him because of the old clapped out flying carpet that he uses. Ali flogs him a "better" rug. When he starts it up, it is a complete disaster and completely out of control.

The saucer crash lands outside Baghdad. T-Bag tells T-Shirt that they should go and look for the birthday surprise. She tells Tow Ling to stay in the saucer.

They pass by Ali's stall, and T-Bag starts to rummage through it. Satisfied that the surprise is not there, she drags T-Shirt off.

Tow Ling decides that he wants to explore aswell and leaves the saucer.

The Sultan is still being thrown about by his new rug when it finally comes to land in his palace.

Tow Ling comes across Ali's stall and picks up a lamp. Ali tells him that it is a magic lamp and tells him to put it down unless he is going to buy it. He then goes off. Tow Ling uses the lamp to conjur up some liquorice allsorts. He then uses it to cut T-Bag down to size.

Somewhere in the market, T-Bag shrinks to about 3 inches high. T-Shirt sees her. Tow Ling appears and asks wjere T-Bag is. T-Shirt points her out and Tow Ling is startled. He realises that it must have been him who shrank T-Bag. T-Shirt decides that they must find the lamp and use the last of the three wishes to restore her to her normal size. He puts T-Bag in the liquorice allsorts for safekeeping (which she is more than happy about).

In the palace, the Sultan is furious about being ripped off again and goes back to Ali demanding a refund. Ali refuses and offers something else in exchange. He offers the lamp. The Sultan suddenly gets a greedy glint in his eye and accepts. He tells Ali that he will accept the lamp as a goodwill gesture from Ali for all the time that he has wasted. He then demands the refund on top, or he will use a wish to turn Ali into a pile of droppings. Ali grudgingly gives him the cash and the Sultan leaves.

T-Shirt and crew then turn up and ask about the lamp, but Ali says that it is gone and that they can't get it back because the Sultan locks himself away in a fortress with wall 100 feet high and 20 feet thick. He says that they can't get in unless they fly over the walls. He gets the idea to use the Sultans rug to get in, so they all sit on it and Ali starts it up.

When they land in the palace, they hear the Sultan coming in and hide. The Sultan comes in, planning what he is going to do with the wishes. He opens a secret safe with some magic words and puts the lamp in. He then leaves the room. Ali and T-Shirt rush out and try to remember the words. Neither of them can, so T-Shrit conjurs up a bomb to blow it open, despite Tow Lings protestations that he knows the words. T-Shirt plants the bomb and retires to a safe distance. Tow Ling yells out the magic words and the safe opens. T-Shirt grabs the lamp and restores T-Bag to her normal size. Once restored, the others retire, but T-Bag stays put and gets blown up. The Sultan rushes in and draws his sword to kill Ali. He treads on the rug and Ali starts it up. It flies him out of the window.

Ali gets his money back from the safe and T-Shirt finds the next clue to the birthday surprise in it.

Back in the saucer, Tow Ling makes a cup of tea for T-Bag, whi, this time, is quite impressed with it. T-Shirt comes in and announces that they must have burst a pipe when they crash landed outside the market. He asks Tow Ling where he got the water for the tea, and Tow Ling explains that there was some in a bowl in the sink. T-Shirt tells him that he washed his socks in that water, and T-Bag spits out the tea.

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