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Take Off with T-Bag

Episode 1 (Many Happy Returns)

First Transmitted 8.9.1991



Denise Coffey as Granny Bag


In Chateau Bag (T-Bag's castle), T-Bag comes in in her pyjamas calling for T-Shirt. She hears T-Shirt and Granny Bag laughing and calls for him again. She goes out onto the balcony and sees that he and Granny Bag are hang-gliding. They crash land on top of her.

T-Bag demands a cup of tea, but T-Shirt tells her to make it herself. She blames Granny for being a bad influence on him. She chucks Granny out and then gets T-Shirt to make the tea, but he refuses. T-Shirt can't believe how cruel she has been to Granny and leaves to live with her. T-Bag is convinced that he will be back.

At Granny's log cabin, Doggy Bag is watching TV in his kennel. Granny gives him a plate of food. T-Shirt turns up and tells her that he is going to live with her. Granny says that he is more than welcome. T-Shirt is thrilled because he can now start a new life for himself.

In the Chateau, T-Bag is attempting to make her own tea, but it is rubbish. She tries to convince herself that she doesn't need T-Shirt, but then she decides that she does. She sees that T-Shirt is playing games with Granny Bag through her binoculars. She decides to blow up Grannys cabin. She conjurs up a cuckoo clock and puts a bomb in it.

Granny and T-Shirt are playing a velcro ballgame. Granny throws the ball a bit too far, and T-Shirt goes to pick it back up. Whilst he is away, T-Bag turns up disguised as a representative of some competition or other. She presents Granny with the clock, telling her that she has won the competition.

Back at the chateau, T-Bag watches Granny's house go up with glee. Granny and T-Shirt then realise that they will have to go and live with T-Bag.

T-Bag "begrudgingly" lets them come in, under the pretense that she is in a really good mood because tomorrow is her "Big Day". She apologises for throwing Granny out in the snow and for blowing up her house. Granny carts Doggy bag in, still in his kennel. T-Bag is not impressed.

In the morning, T-Bag sails in and wakes T-Shirt and Granny up, yelling about her Big Day. She asks T-Shirt to tell her what is so special about that day, but T-Shirt has no idea. She drags Granny out of her sleeping bag and yells at her to tell T-Shirt what is so special about that day, but she has no idea. T-Bag starts to spell out birthday to them, but they still have no idea. The door goes and T-Shirt answers it. It is Tow Ling Shirt, his chinese cousin. He explains that he has run away from the T-Caddy academy because he was being bullied and that he wants to live at the Chateau.

Granny suddenly comes rushing in from the hallway yelling about a letter that had come through the post for T-Bag. T-Bag gets all excited and she opens it. It contains a load of numbers which Tow Ling recognises as time space coordinates. The note promises to lead them to "the greatest gift of all". T-Bag drags them all to the flying cup and saucer. Granny and Doggy want to come, but T-Bag refuses.

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