The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Suntones of Montezuma

Episode 10 (Montezuma's Revenge)

First Transmitted 9.3.1992



Christopher Bramwell as Diggory Hunt

Georgina Hale as Kit Bag


In the jungle, Diggory is waiting patiently for Penny's return.

T-Bag is throwing a tantrum in the T-Room because she doesn't have any of the stones, and T-Bag is out of ideas. T-Shirt suggests kidnapping Diggory by beaming him up and holding him prisoner in the T-Room. He takes T-Bag into the control room of the spaceship, so they can get within beaming range. He tells T-Bag to buckle up, but she refuses. The ride is very bumpy and T-Bag is throw out of her seat, smashing into the controls and blowing them up.

T-Bag has enough of these feeble attempts and goes to get Diggory by magic. She appears next to him, grabs him and take him back to the T-Room, where she leaves him under T-Shirt's guard, giving T-Shirt a ray gun to cover him with.

T-Bag goes back to the jungle to await Penny's return. When Penny arrives, T-Bag tells her that she had better hand over the stones or she will kill her father. Penny tells T-Bag that she will hand over one of the stones, and if T-Bag can bring back proof of her father's incarceration, she will hand over the others. T-Bag agrees and Penny hands over the stone, demanding that T-Bag brings back Diggory's watch.

As Soon as T-Bag goes back to the T-Room, Penny holds one of the other Sunstones, and she vanishes after her.

Back at the T-Room, T-Bag gets Diggory's watch and goes back to the jungle. Penny appears behind T-Shirt and hide behind a chair.

T-Bag arrives in the jungle and goes looking for Penny.

Penny mimes at Diggory to pretend to be sick due to a phobia of guns being pointed at him. T-Shirt says that he will put the gun down if Diggory promises not to make a grab for it. Diggory aggrees. T-Shirt puts the gun down and Penny grabs it and makes T-Shirt put his hands up. Ahe makes him hand over the stone and then commands him to fly the ship back down to the jungle. T-Shirt refuses and magics himself back down to the jungle. He tells T-Bag what has happened.

Penny and Diggory find their way into the control room, and Penny pilots the T-Room back to the jungle.

T-Bag is in the process of throttling T-Shirt, and then she decides that they had better get back there to sort things out.

Penny lands the T-Room and they get out.

T-Bag and T-Shirt appear at the original position of the T-Room, but it isn't there. They plummet to the ground.

Penny tells Diggory that the sunstones must be destroyed to prevent T-Bag from ever using them. Diggory reluctantly agrees.

T-Bag and T-Shirt land in a heap. T-Shirt is unconscious, and T-Bag uses this to her advantage because she can carry out her most evil plan yet without T-Shirt around to tell her that it is cruel. She plans to kill both Penny and Diggory.

Insode the temple, Diggory tells Penny that there is only one foolproof way of destroying the stones and that is to cast them into the firey pit of the eternal flame. They go to this particularly nasty booby trap, but on the way, Diggory is filled with mixed feelings because the stones would be fantastic in a museum.

At the edge of the pit, Diggory goes to throw them in, but T-Bag appears and tells him that it would be such a waste to destroy the greatest archaeological find of the 20th century; the proof of the existance of pure magic. Shr persuades Diggory, who falters as he goes to throw them in, despite Penny's objections. T-Bag seizes her moment and grabs them off him.

In the central chamber, T-Bag lays the stones on the altar and then starts her wait for the sun to be in the right position.

T-Shirt comes to. He heads into the temple to see where everyone is. He hears Diggory and Penny crying for help and finds them dangling in a small cage over the firey pit.

Meanwhile, T-Bag is gaining the solar energy int he central chamber.

T-Shirt rescues Penny and Diggory from the cage just before it collapses into the pit. They then head for the centralchamber. When they arrive, T-Bag is still on the altar. She announces to them, that a new age of evil is dawning. Diggory blames himself and thumps the wall. This sets off a secret panel which slides open. Out of the pit beyond rushes Kit Bag, who accuses T-Bag of trying to steal her thunder. T-Bag tells her to get lost, and then Kit Bag walks onto the altar. The two ladies then engage in a magic battle, both hurling lightening bolts at each other.

T-Shirt, Diggor and Penny make a dash for it in the confusion as the battle rises to a crescendo with both Bags hurling so many bolts at each other that the atmospere becomes so charged that they both disintegrate. The stability of the temple suffers as a result and as T-Shirt, Penny and Diggory race to safety, it begins to collapse all around them. Once out of the building, they watch the roof cave in.

Penny turns to thank T-Shirt for saving their lives, but he has gone. We then see the flying cup and saucer tracing a golden trail across the sky and the series ends.

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