The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Suntones of Montezuma

Episode 9 (Y-Fronts)

First Transmitted 2.3.1992



Denise Coffey as Granny Bag

Lewis George as Y-Fronts


In the T-Room, there is suddenly a roar of a motorbike, and then Granny Bag appears on the back of one with a joyous whoop. She asks T-Shirt if he wants to pop out with her for a holiday on the back of the bike. T-Shirt is reluctant because he is on a quest with T-Bag. Granny eventually persuades him, and they disappear. T-Bag comes in and calls for T-Shirt.

Granny becomes furious with the motorbike when it breaks down. T-Shirt asks her if she's put any petrol in it, but Granny doesn't know what petrol is. T-Shirt sees a castle and suggests they go to look and see if they have any petrol there.

Penny appears just after they leave.

T-Shirt and Granny appear at the creepy castle gate and T-Shirt is apprehensive. Granny rings the bell, but nobody answers. They turn to leave, but the door swings open on it's hinges with a loud creek. They head in, but T-Shirt is nervous.

Back in the T-Room, T-Bag is trying to brew up her own tea. The results are awful.

Granny and T-Shirt stumble upon a great big laboratory in te castle. Granny finds a light steitch and then starts fiddling with a bunch of controls that do different things in the lab. She pulls a big lever and a body lying on a slab rises to it's feet. It is a Frankensteins' monster type of body. It chases Granny and T-Shirt around and has them cornered, but it ignores them and then it turns out that it was only after the next sunstone which is hanging on the wall of the laboratory. The monster turns out to be nice but dim. Granny asks if it has a name, and it decides to be called "Y-Fronts" because it likes T-Shirt's name.

Granny asks if they can stay the night. Y-Fronts agrees, so Granny lights a fire. Y-Fronts turns out to be afraid of fire and rushes out into the night sobbing and screaming.

T-Bag sees that he has the next stone in the saucer.

The monster comes to sit on a style outside the castle. He finds Penny and she manages to cheer him up, so he offers to give her a present - the next stone. T-Bag is furious and zaps a tree through the saucer to make it catch fire. Y-Fronts rushes off again before he can hand over the stone.

T-Bag appears in the fog disguised as the monster's bride outside the castle and calls for Y-Fronts. When he comes along, Y-Fronts finds her attractive and asks her to be his girlfriend. T-Bag tells him that she will be his girlfriend if he hands over a present. The monster gives her a tree that he tears up, but she tells him that she wants the stone. He gives it to her. They go back to the castle.

T-Bag tells Y-Fronts that they are playing a game, "Bag the bag", where Y-Fronts has to steal Penny's bag. T-Bag goes to hide and Penny comes in. Y-Fronts asks if she wants her present, and Pennt shuts her eyes and puts out her hands. Y-Fronts nicks the bag. Penny protests. Y-Fronts tells her that he is playing a game with his girlfriend. T-Bag comes out, and Penny pleads with the monster to give the bag back because T-Bag is trying to make a fool of him. She insists that T-Bag is not his girlfriend. Y-Fronts doesn't believe her and goes to give T-Bag a kiss, but T-Bag bites him.

Whilst Y-Fronts is nursing his fingers, T-Bag grabs Penny, but Penny bites her. T-Bag picks up a plunger and goes to wallop Penny. Y-Fronts decides to dump T-Bag because he doesn't love her any more. He demands the sunstone back and strangles T-Bag to unconciousness.

Y-Fronts is just about to give the bag back to Penny, when Granny bursts in carrying a lantern. Y-Fronts sees the flame in the lantern and rushes off.

T-Bag, T-Shirt and T-Bag go searching in the fog for Y-Fronts. T-Bag decides to take a short cut across the moor, but Granny tries to stop her because it isn't safe.

We catch up with Y-Fronts, who bashes into a sign and gets a big spliter in his nose. Penny finds him and pulls the splinter out. Y-Fronts is really grateful and decides to give her the stone. Just as he is about to give her the stone, T-Bag appears and demands it. Y-Fronts refuses, so T-Bag goes to strike a match. With all the fog in the air, the matches don't light. She tries a number of matches in quick succession, but as she is trying them, she doesn't notice that she is sinking into the ground. Penny picks up the sign that Y-Fronts bashed into and sees that it says, "DANGER QUICKSAND!".

By this time, T-Bag is up to her armpits. Y-Fronts hands over the stone, and Penny takes him home. T-Shirt and Granny appear and sees that T-Bag is up to her neck. They have a good laugh at her.

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