The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Suntones of Montezuma

Episode 4 (Gone Fishing)

First Transmitted 27.1.1992



Helen Horton as Aunt Molly

Peter Banks as Goosepellet

Simon Fenton as Tom


On a little farmstead in the Southern United States (Tom Sawyer country - don't know where that is because I'm such a literary genius), Tom is sitting on the porch preparing to go fishing. His Aunt Molly then comes out and tells him that he has to whitewash the fence before he does anything else.

Meanwhile in the T-Room, T-Shirt is hard at work cleaning and complaining bitterly that he could magic it done but T-Bag won't let him. T-Bag tells him she does this to keep him in his place and then she scrunches up some biscuits and dumps them on the floor, telling T-Shirt to clean them up.

Penny arrives in a sunny graveyard where she finds Jeremiah Q. Goosepellet painting rocks gold. She asks him what he is doing, and he tells her that it is a hobby of his. She asks if he has seen any sunstones and shows him her collection. He asks if he could hold them to get a closer look. When he goes to hand them back, he deliberately drops them on the floor and when he goes to pick them up, he switches them for 3 pebbles which he puts in Penny's bag. Penny leaves.

T-Shirt decides that he has had enough cleaning and goes off to have fun. He arrives outside Tom's cabin, where Tom is complaining loudly about having to paint the fence. T-Shirt sympathises with him. Tom asks T-Shirt to help so that they can go fishing together and tells T-Shirt that he has got worms. "That doesn't matter, we can still go fishing." is T-Shirt's reply. T-Shirt magics the fence done whilst Tom isn't looking, much to Tom's amazement. Aunt Molly comes out with a nice cool drink for him, but she is also amazed when she sees the fence done. She allows the boys to go fishing.

T-Bag is furious that T-Shirt has gone without permission. T-Bag then sees Penny snooping around the cabin. She appears disguised as a hillbilly shrieking for her lost possum. She asks Penny if she has seen the possum, but Penny doesn't know what one is. T-Bag then pushes past her and shoves her into the wet paint on the fence. T-Bag apologises profusely and gets out a hanky to clean her up with, but this succeeds in smearing paint all over her face aswell. Whilst she is cleaning her up, she grabs the bag and goes back to the T-Room. Molly comes out and sees Penny covered in paint and Penny tells her that she has just been robbed. Penny notices that Molly is wearing the next sunstone as a brooch on her collar. She goes in to clean herself up before talking to Molly about it.

Whilst Penny is in the cabin. Goosepellet appears posing as a salesman and tells Molly that the company that he represents has selected her to be eligible to buy a gold mine. He hands over a large gold nugget from his bag and the deeds and tells her that it will only cost her $60. Molly doesn't have that kind of money, so Goosepellet takes the brooch as payment and scarpers. Penny comes back out and notices that the brooch has gone, much to her despair.

T-Bag is celebrating getting the bag until she opens it and finds that the stones are just pebbles.

Penny tells Molly that the nugget is just a gold painted rock and prooves it by rubbing the gold off. She tells Molly that she saw Goosepellet painting them at the graveyard, so Molly decides to go and get her brooch back. Seh goes into the cabin to write a note to Tom for when he returns, and whilst she has gone, T-Bag appears and shrieks at Penny, accusing her of switching the stones for pebbles before disappearing once more. Penny is overjoyed to know that T-Bag doesn't have the stones.

Dusk in the graveyard, and Penny and Molly are hiding behind a gravestone waiting for Goosepellet to go to sleep before they grab the stones back.

T-Bag sees the stones in the saucer and goes to get them. Once at the graveyard, she hides behind another gravestone.

T-Shirt and Tom arrive back at the cabin and Tom finds the note telling them that they have gone to the graveyard and that they are not allowed to follow her under any circumstances. Tom takes off to the graveyard and T-Shirt reluctantly follows.

Goosepellet is asleep. Molly decides to wait a little longer just to make sure. Tom and T-Shirt arrive. Molly is annoyed at this and grabs Tom and drags him behind the gravestone, leaving T-Shirt alone and afraid and still carrying the fishing tackle. He finds T-Bag behind the other gravestone and they hide together. Penny notices T-Bag and dashes back to the cabin because she has an idea about how to get the stones.

T-Bag take the fishing rod off T-Shirt and tries to hook the sunstones in the bag with it.

At the cabin, Penny takes the pot of whitewash.

T-Bag hooks the pouch with the stones from Goosepellets pocket with a victorious cry of, "A BITE!". Everyone then leaps out from behind their respective gravestones and a big argument flares up. After a while of this, T-Bag tells everyone to shut up because they are making enough noise to wake the dead. As soon as she says this, Penny leaps out from behind a gravestone dressed as a ghost adn scares T-Bag and T-Shirt away, and then turns on Goosepellet who drops the stones and scarpers.

The episode ends with Molly handing the brooch to Penny in gratitude for getting rid of Goosepellet.

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