The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Suntones of Montezuma

Episode 1 (In the Footsteps of Kit Bag)

First Transmitted 6.1.1992



Christopher Bramwell as Diggory Hunt

Georgina Hale as Kit Bag

John Hasler as Sir Paisley Shirt


The episode starts with a prologue. Sir Paisley Shirt and Kit Bag (famous explorer ancestors of T-Shirt and T-Bag) are in the jungle searching for the legendary Lost Temple of Montezuma. Once they find it, Sir. Paisley tries to open the temple door, but triggers a trap and Kit saves him. Kit opens the temple successfully and then she goes in to explore and see if she can find the legendary lost Sunstones of Motezuma. There is a blood curdling scream and she is not heard from again.

Back in the present day, T-Bag is reading from Sir Paisley's journal to T-Shirt in a flying cup and saucer which is the new T-Room. They try to find from the journal whether Kit escaped from the temple, but they find that Sir. Paisley had left before she escaped - if she ever did...

T-Shirt asks T-Bag what the stones were, and T-Bag tells him that he will soon find out because they are hovering over the very same part of the jungle. They leave to find the temple.

In the jungle, T-Shirt hears somebody approaching. It turns out to be an archaeologist, Diggory and his daughter, Penny Hunt. T-Bag approaches them and tells them that they are lost and let on that they are after the temple. Diggory reveals that he is after it aswell. He is a very forgetful person. He takes out a map of where the temple is and they set off to find it after agreeing to let T-Bag and T-Shirt tag along.

Once they reach the temple, T-Bag asks him to leave her the map on his way back through the jungle after leading them there, but Penny stops him just as he is about to hand it over and reminds him that they need the map to study the temple (as it details all the booby traps in the passages). Penny then suggests that they camp the night and study the temple in the morning. T-Bag then decides to steal the map in the middle of the night.

During the night, she sends T-Shirt to Diggory's tent to grab the map whilst they sleep. They do this and then go into the temple. They spend the entire night wandering the passages. Eventualy, they find a chink of light and rush towards it. It turns out to be the main entrance where they started from. T-Shirt looks at the map and finds that he has stolen a map of the London Underground and that they have been following the Circle Line all night.

Diggory greets them and asks them to join them for breakfast, but T-Bag demands the map. Penny realises that T-Bag is evil and throws the map on the fire. It turns out that although Diggory is forgetful, he has a photographic memory for maps and diagrams.

Later, Diggory and Penny set off into the temple to explore. T-Bag emerges from the bushes and sits down to eat her packed lunch. T-Shirt demnds to know why they aren't following Diggory and Penny, so T-Bag reveals that she has painted Diggory's shoes with luminous paint, and he has left a trail of footprints.

Inside the temple, Penny notices the trail and takes the shoes and makes a false trail leading to a bottomless pit. T-Bag and T-Shirt follow it and fall down the pit.

At the bottom of the pit, T-Bag discovers that there is a secret escape route from the pit directly to the central chamber of the temple. They find an altar in the shape of the sun with the sunstones around the outside. T-Bag stands on the altar and changes into ceremonial robes. The chamber fills with sunlight and starts filling T-Bag with solar energy. Diggory and Penny rush in and discover T-Bag's plan. Diggory snatches a sunstone from the altar and invokes a magical chant; "Ecaps dna emit ni tsol eb dna rettacs senotsnus yawa!" which actually sounds pretty convincing in the programme, but is actually, "Away sunstones, scatter and be lost in time and space!" backwards. Anyway, the sunstones all vanish apart from the one that Diggory is holding. T-Bag is furious. Diggory vows to gather them up and destroy them. T-Bag musters what solar power she has and releases a bolt of lightening at Diggory which misses. Diggory and Penny then dash out of the chamber, but Diggory stumbles and hurts his leg.

Outside, Diggory tells Penny that he must try to get the stones back, but Penny tells him that he can't go with his hurt leg and offers to go instead. He reluctantly agrees and hands Penny the last stone, explaining that it will leads her to the others. She vanishes off on her quest.

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