The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Rings of Olympus

Episode 10 (Return to Olympus)

First Transmitted 11.3.1991



Helen Lindsay as Athena


Polly is in the throneroom of the Queen's castle counting out the rings. She finds that she has only one more ring to get. She is then magically transported by the rings to the T-Room. Luckily T-Bag and T-Shirt are out of the room. T-Shirt comes in and Polly hides behind a pillar. He makes a cup of tea and then leaves. Polly re-emerges to look for the ring, doubting that it would be in the T-Room. She knocks something over which makes a noise and then dashes back behind the pillar. T-Bag and T-Shirt come in, and T-Bag starts going through a plan that she has concocted. She tells T-Shirt to go back to Mount Olympus to hide behind Zeus's head and call out with the megaphone again. T-Shirt tells her that Polly isn't that stupid, but T-Bag disagrees. They leave the room and Polly escapes into the labyrinth through the secret passage.

T-Bag comes back in with T-Shirt and hands him the megaphone. T-Shirt still doubts that the idea will work, but T-Bag tel him to get moving. She then notices that the secret door has been left open and realises that Polly has been in the T-Room. T-Shirt starts into the labyrinth to catch her, but T-Bag calls him back. She tells him that she has a much better idea and takes him to the signpost in the labyrinth. She switches the signs around so that Polly will follow them straight into the jaws of the minotaur. T-Bag's idea is to pick up the rings from Polly's remains when the Minotaur has finished with her. T-Shirt finds this idea abhorrent, but T-Bag takes him back to the T-Room.

Polly follows the sign to the Minotaurs lair. Athena appears to her and congratulates her on finding all but one of the rings, and warns her that she is on a dangerous path.

Back at the T-Room, T-Bag is nagging T-Shirt to hurry up with a cup of tea, so she can see Polly being eaten by the minotaur in the saucer. T-Shirt then realises that someone will have to go down into the minotaurs cave to get the rings once it has finished with Polly. T-Bag tells him that he will have to do it. T-Shirt refuses, so T-Bag orders hi to do it. He tells her to do it herself. She threatens to fire him, so he resigns as a T-Caddy and goes to leave. T-Bag then pleads with him to stay and grovels at his feet. He is determined, so she flies into a rage and takes away his magic. She then turns him out into the labyrinth to brave the Minotaur without his magic.

Polly arrives in the Minotaurs lair. The minotaur appears behind her. She spots it and screams, setting off a cave in. T-Shirt hears the scream and rushes to help her. When he arrives, he finds Polly trapped under some rubble. She has injured her leg. T-Shirt tells her he has left T-Bag and releases her from the rubble. Polly notices the dead Minotaur and sees that it has the last gold ring through its nose. T-Shirt takes it and gives it to Polly. T-Bag sees this and decides to take drastic measures.

T-Shirt and Polly find their way out of the labyrinth. T-Bag comes up to them disguised as an old hag. She tries to convince them that Athena has sent her to collect the rings from them to save them the bother of going back up the Mountain. The kids see straight through this disguise and tell her to bug off. They tell her that only an idiot will be taken in by her rubbish disguises. T-Bag vows to get the rings and then goes back to the T-Room.

T-Shirt suggests that they go up the Mountain, but Polly doesn't think that she can manage with her injured leg. They pitch camp at the bottom of the mountain for the night.

In the morning, they go up the mountain to the Temple. Polly's leg has healed over night. Polly calls out to Athena. T-Shirt is confused over why she is calling her because she was banished. Polly takes no notice and calls again. Athena appears on the throne and congratulates her on her quest and tells her that it will become a legend in its own right. She then asks for the rings, and Polly hands them over. Athena then changes into T-Bag and she holds up the rings, triumphantly announcing that the power of the Gods now belongs to her. The rings glow golden in her hand and reform into the necklace, which she places around her neck. She then announces that the children are dead ducks.

T-Shirt tells Polly to run for cover, which she does. T-Shirt hides behind the bust of Zeus. T-Bag demands that he comes out from behind the bust and zaps a ball of golden energy at it. It hits the bust in the mouth. The bust then springs into life and the voice of Zeus booms out, "Who dares bring evil and destruction to this holiest of places?". He then demands that T-Bag reliquishes the rings. T-Bag thinks that T-Shirt is behind the bust with the megaphone, so she lets fly with a barrage of insults. Meanwhile, T-Shirt has crept out from behind the bust and has come to stand behind T-Bag.Zeus, outraged that T-Bag has insulted him and that she will not lay down the rings, starts pouring smoke out all over the place and his eyes glow a firey red. He announces "You have insulted Zeus, the God of all Gods, and for that you shall perish!". A pair of glass diamond shapes fly out of his eyes and these trap T-Bag, who is then squeezed out of existence with a piercing scream, leaving the rings lying on the floor.

The real Athena then appears on the throne and she returns Polly to her original state as a servant of the Gods. Polly helps to put the rings back around her neck.

T-Shirt then finds himself back in the shop as Thomas, although there are a few objects in the shop that weren't there before such as a doll in stocks, a jesters outfit and a portrait of T-Bag. Polly then comes into the shop and the series ends.

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