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T-Bag and the Rings of Olympus

Episode 8 (Leonardo)

First Transmitted 25.2.1991



Peter Woodthorpe as Leonardo

John Forgeham as the Duke of Florence


The Duke is having his portrait painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, and complaining loudly about how uncomfortable he is. The portrait shows that the Duke has the next ring on his hat. The portrait is then finished and the Duke is so pleased with it that he wants to take it back to the palace there and then, but Leonardo tells him that he refuses to let such a beautiful painting go without and equally beautiful frame.

Back in the T-Room, T-Shirt is painting T-Bags portrait. She goes to have a look at it, but she hates it because he has painted her face bright red. She says that it looks nothing like her, so T-Shirt decides to fix the situation and takes the red paint to the real T-Bag's face to make her look more like the protrait. T-Bag decides to get a proper painting done by Leonardo.

In his studio, she is having her portrait painted. She is thrilled with the finished result and wants to take it there and then. He tells her that he can't let the painting go without a beautiful frame. She tells him that she wil send T-Shirt along to get the painting later.

Later, Leonardo has finished framing the paintings. He wraps up T-Bag's portrait in a canvas bag. Polly comes in and asks Leonardo if he has seen a gold ring. She notices the one in the portrait of the Duke, and asks if Leonardo knows where he lives. Leonardo tells her that he lives in the palace around the corner. Leonardo finishes wrapping up the Dukes painting. He then asks Polly to give the painting to the Duke. Polly takes the painting and leaves. T-Shirt appears and collects the remaining painting.

At the palace, Polly arrives with the picture. The Duke unwraps it, and whilst he is doing this, Polly strats to ask him for the ring. The Duke is horrified when he opens the portrait to find that it the picture of T-Bag. He tells Polly to buzz off and marches back to the studio to tell Leonardo off. Polly follows calling about the ring.

In the T-Room, T-Shirt unwraps the portrait that he collected. T-Bag tell him that she is really impressed because it looks just like her. T-Shirt tells her that he isn't sure about the beard and moustache. He turns the portrait around to reveal that it is the portrait of the Duke. She blames the mix up on T-Shirt, but then notices the ring on the hat in the portrait.

The Duke arrives at the studio and calls Leonardo a demented old fossil and demands to know the last time he was seen wearing a red dress. He leaves T-Bag's portrait with him and leaves. T-Bag then takes her portrait. She sends T-Shirt back to the T-Room with it and demands that he hangs it. She tells Leonardo that she will deliver the portrait of the Duke personally, but Leonardo warns him that he hates women ever since he was jilted by his last love. He tells her that the Duke would gladly give his every last possession to the one who stole his heart. This gives T-Bag and idea.

Back at the palace, Polly is still pestering the Duke. T-Bag arrives disguised as a beautiful red-head. She gives the Duke his portrait and tells him that he is really attractive and that she could really go for a man like him, but he bawls at her that he can never fall in love again. He then wanders off.

T-Bag goes back to the T-Room and conjurs up some love pellets.

Back at the palace, Polly is still trying to get the Duke to listen to him. He tells her to buzz off. T-Bag appears and tells T-Shirt to put a love pellet in the Dukes drink so that he wil fall in love with her. When the Duke approaches, T-Bag tells him to sit beside her at the garden table. She gets T-Shirt to serve up some wine. As they go to drink it, T-Bag drops her hanky and asks the duke to pick it up for her. As he does this, T-Shirt puts the pellet in his drink. They drink the wine together, and the Duke falls instantly in love with T-Bag. She tells him to hand over the ring, and he does so. She then tells him to go and jump i the lake, and he obliges. T-Shirt decides that he can have a lot of fun with the pellets, but T-Bag grabs them off him and throws them over her shoulder, where Polly springs out from her hiding place in the bushes and grabs them. The Duke returns from the lake and T-Bag hands T-Shirt the ring because the Duke starts chasing her around. T-Shirt pours himself a flagon of wine and leaves it on the table whilst he goes to get a better view of the chase. Whilst he is looking, Polly puts a pellet in his wine. He returns to the table to drink, and instantly falls in love with Polly when she turns up. She asks him to give her the gold ring. He does and she leaves, leaving T-Shirt heartbroken.

T-Bag returns and takes T-Shirt back to the T-Room. The Duke rushes in, finds that T-Bag has gone, and he sinks into a chair at the table, sobbing into a handkerchief.

In the T-Room, T-Shirt is sobbing into a cushion whilst T-Bag shrieks at him. Her protrait then falls off the wall and lands on her head.


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