The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Rings of Olympus

Episode 3 (The Yukon)

First Transmitted 21.1.1991



Jennifer Calvert as Maggie McDougal

George Rossi as Grizzly McMoose


Polly arrives in Canada during the gold rush.

T-Bag sees this in the saucer and tells T-Shirt to pull his finger out and help her, but he is sitting under a sun lamp topping up his tan. She zaps his lamp and this makes T-Shirt annoyed. T-Bag leaves the room and T-Shirt looks in the saucer.

Grizzly McMoose is trashing a log cabin and rushes into the back room when the owner, Maggie McDougal, comes in. She sees the mess and grabs a poker from the fireplace. She calls out to see who is there and he comes out and demands to know where the gold that her father dug up is. Maggie tells him to get lost because he allowed her father to work himself into an early grave whilst he sat back and watched, despite being his partner.

T-Shirt sees all this in the saucer and decides to go and investigate because where there is gold, there may be a gold ring. He disguises himself as a lumberjack. Grizzly demands that Maggie has the gold ready for him when he returns and then storms out of the cabin and knocks T-Shirt out of the way. T-Shirt falls backwards and knocks his head on part of the cabin. Maggie brings him into the cabin and finds out that the bump on his head has made him lose his memory. Maggie surmises from his clothes that he is a lumberjack and she calls him Jack.

Grizzly bursts in and demands the gold. Maggie doesn't have the gold, but Grizzly doesn't believe her and gives her 10 seconds to tell him before he shoots her with a shotgun. He starts counting, but it is soon obvious that he can't count. T-Shirt seizes his chance and hits him over the head with a frying pan, knocking him unconcious.

T-Bag sees what has been going on in the saucer and makes the same link as T-Shirt between the gold and the possibility of there being a ring there. She is impressed and goes to tell T-Shirt how impressed she is.

Maggie and T-Shirt put Grizzly out in the snow. Maggie then says that she had better start cleaning up the mess. T-Shirt offers to help. Maggie tells him to do the front room whilst she does out the back. While she is away, T-Bag appears to congratulate T-Shirt on his plan, but T-Shirt thinks that she is a hallucination. She goes back to the T-Room.

There is then a knock at the door and T-Shirt thinks that it is Grizzly. He shouts out a warning to him that he will bash him with the pan again if he doesn't go away, but the voice that calls back is Polly and she isn't impressed that T-Shirt is there. T-Shirt explains that he is a lumberjack called Jack, and Polly is very suspicious. Maggie comes in and tells T-Shirt to put the kettle on. Polly takes Maggie to one side and tells her that T-Shirt is just out to rob her, but Maggie is reluctant to believe this because he saved her life.

Polly then goes on to explain the quest to Maggie. She gets out a ring from her back to show her, but it falls to the floor and rolls to T-Shirt. T-Shirt picks it up and gives it back to Polly. T-Bag sees this and flies into a rage. She magics him back to the T-Room and asks him what is going on. She calls him a potato head.

Back at the cabin, Maggie is explaining to Polly that she has no gold. She tells her that all her father left her was a locket with the numbers 13, 15, 21, 19, and 5 engraved on it. Meanwhile, Grizzly has regained consciousness and starts listening at the door. Polly decides that the numbers must be a clue to where the gold is hidden.

T-Shirt is still doing the lumberjack thing back at the T-Room and it is driving T-Bag mad. She decides that if he won't help her, then she will go and get Grizzly to help.

Grizzly has climbed up to the roof and is listening to what Polly is saying. Polly decides that the numbers are coding for letters of the alphabet (A is 1, B is 2, etc.). Grizzly hears this and gets excited. T-Bag appears behind him and orders him to get down the chimney and grab the locket. He whinges because there is a fire, so T-Bag zaps it away.

When Maggie and Polly notice this, they think that it is a bit odd that the logs have burned so quickly, but they go out to get some more. Maggie leaves the locket on the mantlepiece. T-Bag shoves Grizzly down the chimney and he lands in a heap in the fireplace. He grabs the locket of the mantlepiece and goes back up the chimney. Maggie and Polly arrive and are dismayed to find that they have had a sootfall. They decide to clear it up.

Grizzly decides that he should figure out the clue because he risked life and limb to get the locket. T-Bag is not convinced that he is best qualified to do this ("You couldn't figure out a one piece jigsaw!"). She is proved right because Grizzly can't count.

Polly and Maggie discover that the locket has vanished. Grizzly has finished solving the clue. It spell out "Moose". T-Bag is really excited because there is a moose head in the cabin. She tells Grizlly to have a sit down because he has worked hard enough. When he does, she shoves him off the roof and he lands in an icy water barrel in the porch of the cabin.

Polly and Maggie desperately try to remember the numbers, but they can't. T-Bag appears and gloats at them before stealing the moose head and going back to the T-Room.

Back in the T-Room, T-Shirt stares on in amazement at T-Bag frantically ripping the stuffing out of the Moose head. She gets sick of doing this and thrusts the head into T-Shirts hands, knocking him off balance and making him bash his head against one of the pilars in the T-Room. His memory returns. T-Bag explains the clue on the locket to him and he looks at it and solves it instantly. It spells "Mouse". T-Bag is shocked and they go straight to the cabin disguised as mounties.

They come across Grizzly in the water butt, and he asks them to help him out of the barrel. T-Bag empties a bucket of water over his head. T-Shirt hammers on the door of the cabin and Maggie is glad to see them and she asks them to come in so she can report the robbery. Whilst Maggie is relating the story, they start rummaging through the cabin looking for a mouse. T-Shirt spots a mouse hole, so T-Bag dives on it and shoves her hand in after a triumphant speech and gets her hand caught in a mouse trap. They go back to the T-Room. Polly grabs a poker and hooks out a little pouch full of gold and the gold ring. Maggie gives her the ring.

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