The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Rings of Olympus

Episode 2 (Bandits)

First Transmitted 14.1.1991



Alex Bartlette as Pedro

Anthony O'Donnell as El Moustachio


A Mexican Barber is in his shop when he hears a bandit (El Moustachio) ride into town. The bandit robs the bank and then goes into the barbers shop to have his moustache trimmed. He threatens the barber that if he ruins his huge moustache, then he will make him into chicken feed.

T-Shirt is listening to loud music in the T-Room until T-Bag comes in and removes the tape from the player and pulls it all out of the cassette. She sees the next missing ring on a neckerchief around the barber's neck.

The barber has completed the trim on the moustache. The bandit is pleased and pays him before he makes off with the till and his neckerchief complete with the ring. Once he leaves, T-Bag arrivs with T-Shirt. They both notice that he hasn't got the ring, so T-Bag distracts him by making T-Shirt have a hairdo whilst she ransacks the shop.

Polly appears outside El Moustachio's secret cave hideout in the middle of the desert. He tells her to get lost.

Back at the shop, T-Shirt's hair has been filled with oil and slicked down to his scalp. He tells the barber how much he hates the hairstyle, so the barber asks T-Bag, who he assumes to be T-Shirt's grandmother, what she thinks. She is most insulted and stamps on his foot. She grabs him by the scruff of the neck and demands to know where the ring is. He tells her that El Moustachio has taken it to his secret hideout. She deamds to know where it is and he tells her that it is in a secret place. She drags T-Shirt back to the T-Room without payin for his haircut.

T-Bag decides to get in with El Moustachio.

Polly arrives at the shop. The barber is adjusting his clippers, and he switches them on. He starts flailing around in his seat because he is being electrically shocked by them. Polly switches them off, and the barber tells her that the wiring in the shop must be faulty. He mentions the gold ring that his father gave to him when he is relating his terrible day to Polly and tells her that it has been stolen. She tells him that she will get all his money back if he will let her have the gold ring.

T-Bag appears as a gunfighter at the secret hideout and tells him that she wants to join his gang. She tells him that she is a tough bandit. As a test, he tells her to join him in eating a plate of chilli beans. He puts extra chilli powder on hers, and it makes smoke come out of her ears. She goes back to the T-Room. Polly was in the background watching all of this.

When she appears in the T-Room, she drinks the water out of a vase of flowers and tells a bemused T-Shirt that she is on fire. He conjurs up a soda syphon and drenches her with it.

Polly goes up to E Moustachio and tells him that she wants to join him. She asks for extra chilli on her beans and he empties the whole box onto them. She distracts him and throws the beans into his sombrero, which is on the floor. When he turns back around, her plate is empty and he assumes that she has eaten them. He is impressed.

T-Bag whinges because her hair has been ruined. She decides to go to the barber. T-Shirt tells her to let him try to get in with El Moustachio.

Back at the hideout, El Moustachio has accepted Polly into his band of outlaws. He sends her into the cave to get some weapons so that they can go robbing. T-Shirt appears dressed in a poncho, sombrero and huge moustache. He introduces himself as Figaro Miguel Rodriguez Gonzales Topo Gigo Enricho Salvador Jose de Shirt. El Moustachio admires his moustache and tells him that his own took seventeen years to grow. T-Shirt tells him that his took seventeen minutes and that he was clean shaven when he set off to find the bandit. El Moustachio is so impressed by the moustache that he lets him lead the gang. Polly comes out and recognises T-Shirt. She tells El Moustachio that he is out to con him. T-Shirt says that Polly is out to con him and asserts his authority as leader of the group. Polly rips off his moustache, and El Moustachio is furious at being duped. T-Shirt makes good his escape.

El Moustachio then turns on Polly and tells her that he will do her serious harm if he finds out that she has been lying aswell. He puts on his sombrero and the beans fall out all over his head. He captures Polly and ties her up.

Back in the shop, T-Bag is having her hair done. T-Bag is angry that he hasn't managed to get the ring. He goes back to the T-Room after removing his sombrero and poncho and leaving them in the shop.

T-Bag and the barber hear El Moustachio riding into town again. The Barber is dismayed because T-Bag has just pais him for the hairdo. She rushes to the door and calls to him to come into the shop. She bundles the barber out the back and disguises herself as a barber. When he comes into the shop, she sits him down. He is conviced that he has seen T-Bag's face somewhere else, but she assures him that it has always been at the front of her head (BOOM! BOOM!).

Meanwhile, at the secret hideout, Polly finds a conveniently placed open bean can that she proceeds to cut her bonds with.

T-Bag has got El Moustachio by the neck in the chair with a towel and tells him to say where the gold ring is or she will cut off his moustache. He refuses, so she cuts off a lump of his moustache. He bursts into tears and tells her that the ring is in his pocket. She grabs it out of the pocket and hands it to a figure dressed in sombrero and poncho that has appeared behind her that she assumes to be T-Shirt. She tells El Moustachio that she is going to shave his moustache off completely, so the figure hands her the clippers. When she switches them on, she starts writhing about as she is shocked by them.

The sombrero comes off the figure and it is Polly. She holds up the ring happily.

The Barber sends El Moustachio on his way, happy because the bandit is afraid to show his face in that town again.

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