The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Rings of Olympus

Episode 1 (The Rings of Olympus)

First Transmitted 7.1.1991



Helen Lindsay as Athena

Thomas is in the shop sorting through some stock when there is a knock at the door. He goes to open it, but there is nobody about. All that is there is a large crate. He brings it into the shop and opens it to reveal a large Grecian Urn. He hears the voice of T-Bag calling him and the shop fills with steam from the kettle. three images fly out from the urn, one of a Greek God, one of the Rings of Olympus and one of T-Bag. The shop becomes obscured by mist and when it clears, T-Shirt is standing in a temple atop Mount Olympus. T-Bag comes out from behind a pillar and taps him on the shoulder. T-Shirt tells her to back off because he is not interested in her hair brained schemes, but she puts him under her power.

She then welcomes him to the new T-Room, which she then creates in the Temple. T-Shirt sees a large bust of the god Zeus, and T-Bag goes to get rid of it, but a Goddess comes in to stop her. She introduces herself as Athena the goddess of Wisdom. T-Bag tries to get rid of her by firing a ball of energy at her, but it hits Athena's necklace made up of 10 gold rings and is reflected back at T-Bag. Athena then banishes T-Bag from the Temple, and she, T-Shirt and all her stuff land in a heap at the bottom of the mountain.

T-Bag decides to take everything back up the mountain, but T-Shirt persuades her to create the T-Room in a nearby cave.

As they are travelling through the cave, they come across a signpost with "To the Minotaur" written on it. They hear a roar from somewhere in the labyrinth, so they head in a different direction. They reach a dead end, but T-Shirt finds a secret door which leads into a ruined underground temple. They decide to make it the new T-Room.

Later on, T-Bag sees Athena summoning a servant girl, Pollyzena. She tells her that she has heard good things about her loyalty and makes her her personal handmaiden. Polly is overjoyed.

Athena starts going through the duties that will be encumbent upon her. She tells her that she must look after the Rings of Olympus (the necklace). Athena tells her that the rings have been fashioned from the Golden Fleece won by Jason on his epic voyage by Zeus. She explains that she is responsible for them.

T-Bag decides that she wants the rings for herself. T-Shirt comes in with a dictionary and explains the meaning of the word "Minotaur". There is another roar from the labyrinth and T-Shirt decides to shut the secret door. T-Bag tells T-Shirt that they are off to steal the Rings of Olympus. They go to the Olympian Temple.

T-Bag diguises herself as a goddess and T-Shirt is diguised as some weirdo with a harp and a curly grey wig. T-Bag tells Athena that she is the goddess of music and that she hasn't seen Athena for years. She makes T-Shirt play the harp and sings a song in a piercing, screeching voice:

When the stars are in the sky,

And the cyclops shuts his eye,

And the daylight turns from blue to inky black;

All the little nymphs and fauns

Have a million little yawns

As they know it must be time to hit the sack.

Now the sandman's calling yoooooouuuuuuu,

And you know what yooooooouuuuu must do:

Shut your eyes, you woozy, snoozy little God.

Athena falls asleep and T-Shirt goes to make a grab for the rings. T-Bag shoves him out of the way, whinging that it was her idea, and T-Shirt lands in a heap and his harp twangs loudly. This wakes Athena up and she banishes them from the mountain again.

T-Bag is back at the T-Room throwing a tantrum about not having the rings. T-Shirt gets annoyed and decides to go and get them himself. He appears atop the mountain and hears Polly coming so he hides behind the bust of Zeus. Polly kneels in front of the bust and tells it that she is really happy that she has been promoted to such a responsible position. T-Shirt seizes his chance and conjurs up a megaphone. He uses it to pretend that his is the voice of Zeus and tells Polly that Athena has stolen the Rings of Olympus from him. He tells Polly to go and get them and bring them back to him.

T-Bag appears once Polly has gone off to get the rings. She tells him that his idea is rubbish and that it will never work. They then hear Athena calling Polly, so they pose as statues in the background. Athena comes in and finds Polly, who asks if she can polish the rings for her. Athena is impressed by her enthusiasm and hands over the rings before she retires. Polly goes back to the bust of Zeus and lays the rings in front of it. She calls out to him, and T-Shirt dashes back behind it with the hailer. He calls out that she has done well and tells her to leave the rings and retire. She gets up to leave and T-Shirt comes out from behind the bust to pick up the rings. Polly then turns back to ask another question and sees T-Shirt. She rushes to grab the rings. She grabs one end of the necklace and T-Shirt grabs the other. Polly cries out to Athena, who is quickly on the scene. The necklace breaks and the rings scatter to the floor. T-Bag yells at T-Shirt to pick them up, but Athena scatters them to the mists of time and space.

T-Bag is furious and points out to Athena that neither of them have the rings, so she is able to banish Athena, which she does. They then go back to the T-Room to start looking for the rings.

Polly is left alone. She hears the voice of Athena asking her to help and collect up the rings again. She changes Polly's clothes to something more contemporary and then tells her how to use the last remaining ring (that Polly was holding since the necklace broke) to lead her to the others. She vanishes off on her way.

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