The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom

Episode 7 (Tut, Tut!)

First Transmitted 13.2.1990



John Bluthal as The High Priest

Andree Melly as Osiris

John Hasler as Prince Tutenkhamun

T-Bag is slagging T-Shirt off for being useless. She tells him to make her a cup of tea and make it snappy. T-Shirt magics up a crocodile puppet. T-Bag becomes terrified of it and tells him that she has a phobia of crocodiles.

In Ancient Egypt, The High Priest is despairing because the young prince is too into his school books and isn't having any fun. He tries to persuade the Prince that he should be playing more, but the Prince doesn't want to and would rather do elimentary grammar.

T-Bag is still whinging that T-Shirt is too playful and won't work for his living. He drives his remote controlled car into an ornament and breaks it.

Back at the temple, Osiris, a servant girl interrupts the Prince's lesson to tell him that it is his bathtime. He goes off reluctantly. The High Priest starts ordering Osiris about and leaves her his official chain to polish whilst he attends to more important matters. The chain has the pearl in the middle of it.

T-Bag sees this and gets up to go and fetch it. T-Shirt drives his remote controlled car into her ankle and hurts it badly.

Osiris puts on the chain and fantasises about being the High Priestess. Sally sees this. The High Priest comes in and Osiris gives his chain back. The Priest sees Sally and tells her that she is just the person to distrat the Prince from his studies. He offers her the pearl in return for this favour.

The Prince comes in and Sally bows. She sees the Prince (who is T-Shirt's exact double, but has different eyes). She then realises that he isn't T-Shirt. She suggests playing hide and seek with him. He starts counting and Sally goes to hide.

T-Bag is whingin about the pain in her ankle. She sends T-Shirt to get the pearl.

At the temple, Osiris sees T-Shirt (who is disguised in teh same clothes as the Prince). She asks him if he enjoyed his bath. He is puzzled. Osiris then has an idea and asks him quite a lengthy maths question about the number of blocks needed to build a pyramid. He does not know the answer, and from this, she realises that he is definitely not the Prince. She has another idea - she decides to make him help her become the High Priestess. T-Shirt is reluctant. The High Priest arrives and tells her that the Prince is not to be disturbed (T-Shirt is hiding in the bushes). He comes out once the Priest has gone and tell her that he will help in return for the pearl on the chain.

T-Bag sees the Prince counting with his eyes closed in the saucer and thinks that it is T-Shirt mucking around. She brings him to the T-Room.

Sally is hiding behind a throne in the temple waiting for the Prince to come and find her. Osiris and T-Shirt come in disgussing the plan. T-Shirt is to pose as the Prince and fire the High Priest when he next sees him and make Osiris the High Priestess. Sally overhears all of it. She tries to escape to warn the High Priest, but T-Shirt spots her. Osiris grabs her and they imprison her in a secret chamber in the temple wall.

T-Bag is telling the Prince off thinking that he is T-Shirt, but then she notices that his eyes are different and goes to see what's really going on. Whilst she is away, the Prince finds the remote controlled car and starts playing with it.

Osiris and T-Shirt are still looking for the Prince. T-Bad appears and finds the High Priest. She introduces herself as a Queen of Egypt. The Priest wanders off thinking that she has come to see the Prince.

T-Shirt goes back to the T-Room to see if he can find the Prince in the saucer. He finds the Prince in the T-Room holding the remote control car and control. He magics him back to the Temple. Osiris captures him, causing him to drop the car, and puts him into the secret chamber with Sally. They call for help together.

The Priest meets up with Osiris and T-Shirt. T-Shirt sacks him and the chain is given to Osiris. T-Bag comes in and demands to know what the Prince is doing back at the temple. He takes her to one side to fill her in on what is happening.

Whilst they are away, Osiris orders the Ex-High Priest to polish the chain.

T-Shirt tells T-Bag what is going on.

They go back to Osiris to tell her to hand over the pearl. She tells them that the High Priest is polishing it. T-Bag is furious.

Back in the secret chamber, the Prince realises that he still has the remote control of the car. He remembers exactly where the car fell in the throne room and uses the remote to drive the car into the button that opens the secret chamber. The shock from the impact on the button causes a stuffed crocodile to fall off the wall above the button onto the car.

Sally and the Prince escapse from the chamber.

Osiris hands the pearl to T-Bag. The stuffed crocodile on the car creeps through the doorway. T-Bag becomes terrified and throws the pearl at the crocodile. They go back to the T-Room.

When Osiris sees the Prince, she makes her excuses and flees the temple. The HighPriest gives the Pearl to Sally. He then tells the Prince that it is time to get back to his lessons, but the Prince has been converted and wants to play instead.


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