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T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom

Episode 6 (The Ghost of Castle McCarr)

First Transmitted 6.2.1990



Jeremy Stockwell as Robbie McCarr/The Ghost

Gudrun Ure as Dora/Granny McCarr

Sally arrives in the Scottish Highlands outside a little white cottage. She is accosted by a local called Robbie McCarr who tries to sell her a load of dreadful souvenirs. He tells her about the Castle McCarr up on the hill. He describes it about the most haunted castle in all the highlands. Sally tells him that she has no money, and he goes to leave her. His mother (Dora McCarr) comes out and tells him to stop bothering her.

T-Bag has a terrible headache, so T-Shirt puts on some really loud music.

Sally tells Dora about the quest and suggests looking in the castle. Dora gets really nervous and tells her that she hasn't seen the ghost for herself, but her son had seen it. She forbids Sally to go to the castle because it is too dangerous. She offers to put Sally up for the night.

T-Bag has thrown T-Shirts radio out of the window. She tells T-Shirt to sit and watch the saucer all night and see if Sally finds the pearl. She goes off to bed with her headache.

Sally comes out of the cottage to look at the castle by moonlight. Robbie startles her and deescribes his encounter with the phantom piper of the castle. He then tries to flog her a guidebook.

T-Shirt magics up his radio again so that he can listne to the "Gory Story Hour", but it has already finished. T-Shirt sees that Sally is not asleep, so he drags T-Bag out of bed. She tells him off and tells him to go and keep an eye on her himself.

Sally decides to go off to the castle by herself. She sets off and T-Shirt appears. Robbie tries to flog him some souvenirs, but T-Shirt has no money. He tells him that Sally has gone to the castle.

T-Shirt drags T-Bag out of bed again and tells her that Sally is in the haunted castle. She tells him to go down and follow her.

In the castle, Sally is wandering in the corridors. T-Shirt appears and the two pace around without seeing each other. They bump straight into each other and are startled. The Phantom Piper then appears in a doorway. T-Shirt disappears and leaves Sally terrified.

T-Shirt drags T-Bag back out of bed and tells her that he has seen a ghost. She tells him to pull himself together.

Sally relates her scary encounter to Dora and Robbie in the morning. He says that once she tells her friends, they'd all come flocking to see it. Sally vows to return to the castle to find the pearl.

T-Bag comes into the T-Room and wakes T-Shirt up by putting the radio on full blast.

Dora tells Sally that she will come to the castle with her.

T-Bag sees this in the saucer and T-Shirt tells T-Bag to get a guidebook and see if there is any mention of a pearl in it. They disguise themselves as American tourists and go to the cottage. Robbie comes out and starts to go through his catalogue of souvenirs.

In the castle, Sally and Dora are searching the castle. Dora knocks over a vase, and Sally finds a loudspeaker in it.

Robbie is still going through his catalogue, when T-Bag tells him to shut up and give them a guidebook.

Sally follows the cable from the speaker and finds a projector at the end of it. She switches it on and the image of the ghost appears in the doorway.

T-Bag goes to the castle and calls to Sally. Sally hides behind a curtain. She starts up the projector and the ghost appears. Sally then calls through the speaker in a spooky voice to tell T-Bag that the ghost will torment her forever unless she leaves the castle. T-Bag does so.

Robbie rushes in and Sally and Dora tell him off for being such a con man. Suddenly, the pipe music starts up again and the ghost of Granny McCarr appears. She tells them that if they are so hard up, they should look behind the picture of their uncle Hamish. They find a treasure chest behind it with a bunch of jewels and the pearl. They give the pearl to Sally.


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