The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom

Episode 5 (Mutiny!)

First Transmitted 30.1.1990



Andrew Saxon as Captain Blighter

Stephen Tate as Mark Question

Aboard an old fashioned Royal Navy ship, The Captain is ordering his first mate, Mr. Mark Question, about. The Captain is completely inept and doesn't know the first thing about sailing or commanding a ship. Question is really fed up with him.

Back in the T-Room, T-Bag is fretting because she has a spot. She blames it on Sally making her stressed. She gets really angry and throws the mirror onto the floor. T-Shirt tells her that she's in for bad luck. She tells him that she doesn't take any notice of superstition, so T-Shirt starts to make fun of her spot. She goes to grab him, but slips on T-Shirt's skateboard and falls flat on her back.

Sally boards the ship. She calls out to anyone who might be there, but nobody answers, so she goes below deck. The captain comes onto the deck and orders Mr. Question to set sail.

T-Bag is telling T-Shirt off for leaving his skateboard lying around and then burns her mouth on hot tea.

Mr.Question finds Sally on the deck once the ship has set sail and accuses her of being a stowaway. He takes her to see the captain. We then find the Captain is feeding his pet fish on maggots. Sally and Mr. Question barge in and Mr. Question demands that Sally be punished. The Captain dismisses him and then introduces Sally to his pet fish. He shows Sally his pet piranha, Pollyanna. As she is looking in all the tanks, she finds the pearl in a clam ornament.

T-Bag sees Sally aborad the ship and sends T-Shirt down to keep an eye out. Before he goes he creates a magic telephone from a teacup.

The Captain tells Sally that she can have the pearl so long as she joins the crew and works for it. He tells her to go and get a uniform from Mr. Question.

T-Shirt appears on the boat and calls T-Bag on the cup to tell her that he has nothing to report. He hides in a barrel.

Mr. Question comes into the captain's quarters to complain about a girl joining the crew. He accuses the captain of running a floating funfair. The captain asserts his authority and tells him to pipe down. He then tells him to go and cook him egg and chips for his lunch.

Mr. Question makes Sally cook the lunch. When Sally has left, he empties the bucket of potato peelings into the barrel where T-Shirt is hiding, and drags T-Shirt to the captain's quarters. T-Shirt complements the Captain on his fish. The captain takes an immediate liking to the boy and makes him a member of the crew. Mr. Question is furious about this. T-Shirt rings T-Bag and tells her that he has found the pearl. She tells him to leave it where it is so that she can pick it up.

Sally scrapes the remainder of the Captains dinner onto T-Shirt in the barrel. T-Bag apears and T-Shirt tells her where the pearl is. She goes and picks it out of the fish tank, but the captain comes in and startles her, making her drop the pearl into the piranha tank. She rolls up her sleeve despite the Captain's warnings and puts her hand into the tank. The water foams and boils and T-Bag pulls her hand out with a large piranha attached to it. The Captain pulls it off her finger and T-Bag goes back to the T-Room.

Back at the T-Room, T-Bag whinges about the Captain and T-Shirt tells her about how Mr. Question feels about him. She hatches a plan.

Back on deck, Mr Question asks Sally if she has seen a boy wandering around the ship. The Captain then comes and asks Mr. Question if he has seen a woman wandering around the ship. Sally pieces together the evidence. The Captain returns to his quarters and T-Bag appears with T-Shirt. Both are disguised as sailors. They plan a mutiny with Mr. Question. Sally (who has hidden behind a barrel) hears all this and rushes to find the Captain.

She is trying to warn the Captain, but he doesn't let her get a word in edgeways. He is holding the pearl having rescued it from the piranha tank. Mr. Question comes in and tells the Captain that he must come up on deck as a matter of urgency. Sally tries to warn him, but Question tells him that there is an odd fish on the deck. This convinces the Captain and he rushes to see.

On deck, T-Bag hits him over the head and he drops the pearl. T-Shirt grabs it and T-Bag tells everyone that she's off back to the T-Room. Sally stamps on Mr. Question's foot so that he releases her. This makes the Captain Laugh, so Mr Question stamps on his foot. T-Bag laughs, so the captain stamps on her foot. T-Shirt laughs, so T-Bag stamps on his foot. This makes him drop the pearl, which Sally grabs.

T-Bag and T-Shirt return to the T-Room. Mr. Question and the Captain are still hopping with hirting feet. The Captain pushes Mr. Question overboard and refuses to let him aboard again until he has calmed down.


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