The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom

Episode 1 (Any Old Port)

First Transmitted 2.1.1990



Ivan Beavis as Captain Cockle

T-Shirt is in the shop when Sally comes in. She asks him if he wants to go out somewhere because it is a nice day. Thomas tells here that he can't because they have a sale on and he has to clear the store. Sally gives him a hand and moves a pile of stuff off a table. Thomas asks her to clear it all, but she thought she had. When she turns around, however, there is a board game called "The Pearls of Wisdom" on the table. She picks it up off the table and moves it to a shelf, but when she turns back around, it is back on the table. The voice of captain Cockle starts to call for her and she vanishes to appear in a Cornish fishing village.

Captain Cockle greets her and tells her that his world has been turned upside down. He sits her down to explain. He tells her that he used to live in the lighthouse, until he met an elegant lady in the village the other day. She was looking for somewhere to stay, but there were no hotels around the village. Captain Cockle offers to put her up. She politely refuses until he offers her a cup of tea.

Back at the lighthouse, the Captain regailed her with hugely exaggerated stories of his sea-faring days. He is digging out a load of artefacts and souvenirs that he has gathered over the years. One of them was a strange plant. When he gets this out, the woman goes into a trance and doesn't respond when he tries to bring her out of it. He rushes to get a doctor.

He tells Sally that when he returned to the lighthouse, the woman had locked him out. Sally asks what kind of plant he had shown her, he tells her that it was a T-Plant. Sally immediately asks him if the womans name was Tallulah. The Captain tells her that it was Tabatha. Sally then becomes confused.

T-Shirt comes into the shop to find Sally, but she is gone.

We then see Tabatha in the lighthouse gently whispering to the T-Plant. She caresses it's leaves, and as she does so, showers of purple sparks fly off it. In the shop, the air is torn by the sound of thunder. Thomas then disappears and reappers behind Tabatha in the lighthouse. She sees him and they introduce themselves. She tells him that Tallulah Bag is her sister and that she is Tabatha Bag. She asks him to show her what the tea from the T-Plant can do, but he refuses. She tricks him into brewing a cup by telling him that she is a goody and that they can use the power of the plant to spread happiness. He agrees and gets brewing.

Tabatha takes the tea and takes a sip. She transforms into T-Bag with a thunderclap.

Captain Cockle starts moaning about there being a storm on the way whilst he is out in the cold. He shakes his fist at the lighthouse saying, "Thankyou for nothing, Tabatha Bag!". When he says this, Sally immediately clicks; "Tabatha bag! Bag! T-BAG!". She realises that Tabatha must be a realtive of Tallulah. She sits the captain down to tell him about Tallulah.

Tabatha is swanning about the lighthouse yelling about how she is the all powerful High-T. T-Shirt hears this and it sparks off unpleasant memories. She orders him to make her another cup of tea, but he refuses. He turns to leave, but she zaps him and freezes him in his tracks. She is amazed at the power that she has and T-Shirt tells her that all she has to do to achieve something is think it. She puts T-Shirt under her power. He makes her a cup of tea. She then tries to cunjor up some cake, but she manages a snake. T-Shirt tells her to think it away, but she makes T-Shirt vanish instead.

In the village, T-Shirt appears on the bench and then disappears again. Sally realises that T-Bag must have the same powers as her sister.

T-Bag finds that she has mastered her powers. She gives T-Shirt some magic of his own.

In the village, Sally tells Captain Cockle that if T-Bag has half the power of her sister, the world is her oyster. This sparks off an idea in Captain Cockle, but before he can explain, T-Bag appears and tells him that she has plans and that he can't have his home back because she likes it. He asks if he can have his souvenirs back, and she obliges. Sally tells her that if she starts acting like her sister, she would be sorry. Tabatha tells her that she is much smarter than Tallulah and that she would succeed in her plans to take over the world, and that nobody would get in her way. This speech makes Sally a bit apprehensive about dealing with her, but captain Cockle doesn't seem worried at all.

Back at the lighthouse, T-Bag goes about creating her T-Room.

In the village, the Captain gets out the Pearls of Wisdom that were entrusted to him by someone very old and very wise. He was told to keep them safe until the time was right, and the time seemed right to use them. He starts to lay them out on a compass.

T-Shirt teaches T-Bag how to use the saucer. They see the Captain laying out the pearls on the compass and T-Bag doesn't take any notice, but T-Shirt raises the alarm. They go straight to the village.

The Captain explains to Sally that the pearls, once on the compass will concentrate and release the light of wisdom that will shine out from the four points of the compass over the entire world, destroying evil in it's wake. Sally tells him to put the last pearl on, but T-Bag appears. The captain puts the last pearl on, and a red glow envelopes the pearls. T-Bag starts to fade away, and T-Shirt tells her to stop the compass. She zaps one of the pearls into her hand, and the light fades from around them. She starts to laugh, but then the pearl in her hand releases some light which burns her. She throws the pearl away, but the Captain catches it. T-Shirt tells her to get rid of the pearls, which she does. They then go back to the T-Room, satisfied that the danger has past.

Sally gets upset because she thinks that the Pearls have been destroyed. The Captain explains that you can no more destroy the pearls than wisdom itself. Sally works out that she has to collect the pearls to win the game. The captain hands over the first pearl and Sally sets off.

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