The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Revenge of the T-Set

Episode 10 (The Ceremony)

First Transmitted 7.3.1989



Jan Holden as The High T-Lady

The High T-Lady is in the Stone Circle, pacing impatiently. T-Bag appears and tells her that she has the spoons. She tells the High-T that it is all thanks to her giving the charm to Sally in the first place. T-Bag tries to win the High-T over to her side, but she resists. T-Bag then puts her under her power and gets her to tell her about the ancient ceremony. The High-T tells her that everything she needs to know is written on a scroll in the temple, but since T-Bag has changed everything in the temple, she doesn't know exactly where it is.

T-Bag goes looking for it. Sally and T-Shirt arrive and tell the High-T what has happened. They are shocked when the High-T tells them that she thinks it is wonderful that T-Bag will be the First Lady of the T-Set. T-Shirt works out that she is under T-Bag's influence. Sally gives her the charm, and the spell is broken. The High-T looks at the stars and tells them that they are nearly out of time. They decide to go and get the spoons from T-Bag, but the High-T waits in the Circle for them to return. She says that if T-Bag returns, then she will pretend to be in her power. That way she can play for time.

The children take the charm and go to the T-Room. T-Bag is searching for the scroll. She looks in the secret passage and gets the spoons box out. She puts the spoons in it and leaves the passage open. The children come in whilst she is searching the bedroom. T-Shirt grabs the spoons out of the box, closes the box and then they hear that T-Bag has found the scroll. They run and hide in the secret passage. T-Bag comes in and picks up the empty box, assuming the spoons are still in it. She sees that the passage has been left open and closes it, leaving the children trapped inside, much to their despair.

T-Shirt starts panicking and crying for help, thinking that he'd rather face T-Bag than starving to death in the passage. Sally tells him to be quiet and tells him to look for a switch. All T-Shirt manages to find is a human skull.

Back at the circle, the High-T is pretending that she is T-Bag's humble servant. T-Bag tells her to lay out the spoons whilst she looks at teh scroll. When the High-T opens the box, she sees that there are no spoons in it. The High-T then tells T-Bag that it is too early to lay out the spoons and that they have to do several complicated calculations to get everything just right.

Back in the passage, the children find that it leads to a maze of catacombs. They each take a flaming torch from the wall sconces (that T-Bag lit earlier) and head off to see if they lead out of the temple.

T-Bag is becoming impatient with the T-Lady. She grabs the box. She opens it and figures out that the children must have taken them. She goes back to the T-Room.

Back at the T-Room, she brews a cup of tea and tries to work the saucer to track down the children. She can't get a picture, however, because her tea is terrible. She summons the High-T who refuses to make a cup of tea until she is put back under T-Bag's power. The T-Lady's tea isn't much better, but T-Bag manages to get a picture from it. She then decides to make the children's escape a bit more exciting.

The children reach a chamber in the passages. Inside the chamber they are startled by a giant snake. They hesitate and wonder whether they should go back. Sally picks up a rock and throws it at the snake which disappears. They then figure out that T-Bag created it. Sally reminds T-Shirt that she can't be harmed whilst she has the charm. They set off again, only to be stopped by a giant spider. The sight of the spider makes Sally drop the pendant. She walks slowly past the spider telling herself that it isn't real. It disappears. They both head on.

T-Bag is waiting at the stone circle getting impatient because time is running out.

The High-T decides that she should go after the children to get the spoons back and heads though the passages.

The children find a ladder leading out of the tunnels and go to climb up it. A fierce fire springs up between them and the ladder. They hesitate to walk though it because it feels hot. They tell themselves that it is just an illusion and walk though it unscathed. They climb the ladder.

T-Bag hears a noise coming from a stone monument in the circle. the top of it slides back and the children emerge. They call for the High-T, but T-Bag comes out and orders T-Shirt to give her the spoons. He refuses, so T-Bag zaps Sally and freezes her. She threatens to blast her to bits if T-Shirt doesn't hand over the spoons. He obliges, and T-Bag releases Sally.

The High T-finds the pendant aand picks it up. She immediately comes out of T-Bag's spell. She decides to head on to find Sally.

T-Bag has laid out the spoons and tied the children to a stake. She starts to beat the gong to begin the ceremony. The T-Lady hears it and rushes back though the tunnels.

T-Bag changes into ceremonial robes and steps onto the altar. Looking at the heavens, the stars begin to alter and a strange groaning noise fills the air. A meteor of moon silver flies over the circle and a beam of energy envelopes T-Bag. She cries, "The power of the Universe is within me! I am omnipotent! Invincible! All powerful!"

The High-T rushes out of the temple, realising that she is too late.

The beam fades from around T-Bag.

The High-T arrives and frantically starts untying the children. Here is a transcript of the final destruction of Tallulah Bag:

High-T: Come on, we've got to get out of here!

Sally: But T-Bag!

HT: There's nothing we can do. It's too late!

T-Shirt: There must be something!

HT: The only thing to do is flee. Save yourselves! RUN!

T-Bag: YOU! STAY WHERE YOU ARE! You pathetic mortals! See the power that I have!

(She points a finger at the earth and a beam of red energy surges from her fingertip causing an explosion that lights up the sky. She glares menacingly at the cowering trio.)

HT: (Holding up the pendant defiantly) You can't harm us you monster!

TB: (With pernicious glee) OH CAN'T I?

(She points a finger at the pendant and a beam of red energy strikes the it, causing the High-T to drop it with a gasp. The pendant hits the ground and explodes. T-Bag turns away as if to hurl a bolt at them with all her might. Sally grabs the polished ceremonial gong and holds it in front of the three).

TB: And now it's your turn. This is for all the trouble you three have caused me. Goodbye FOREVER!

(She hurls a beam of energy that strikes the gong and reflects back at her. It hits her and an explosion sounds. There is a thunderclap and she vanishes with a scream)

We then have the classic ending, where the girl turns to talk to T-Shirt and he has vanished. She then turns to talk to the High-T, but she has vanished too. Sally then returns to the shop where Thomas brings in the cup of tea that he had started making her in the first episode. Thomas comments on how realistic the mountain shaped teapot is, and Sally says that she's glad it isn't real. She then glances uneasily at the pot and the series ends.


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