The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Revenge of the T-Set

Episode 7 (Anastasia)

First Transmitted 14.2.1989



Jack Klaff as Rudolpho

Christopher Strauli as King Leopold

Kellie Bright as Rosie

Rosie is the exact double of Sally. She is a romany. The episode opens with her singing a song whilst making up the campfire by the caravan:

Sitting by the campfire in the open air

Travelling in our caravan, every everywhere.

We wander high, we wander low,

There is no place we cannot go.

We wander here, we wander there,

We wander, wander, wander, wander, wander, wander, wander, wander, everywhere!

Journeying through the country independantly,

Hey-ho-hey, I always say;

It's the travelling life for me!

We wander high, we wander low,

There is no place we cannot go.

We wander here, we wander there,

We wander, wander, wander, wander, wander, wander, wander, wander, everywhere!

Rudolpho, her guardian, comes in and tells her that by coincidence, they are back in the woods where he had found her wandering alone as a toddler. The only clue to her true identity is a silver spoon that she was carrying when she was found.

T-Shirt is counting the number of cups of tea that he has made T-Bag over the time that they have known each other. He works out that she has drunk 58,240 cups of tea in this time. She tells him off for keeping count and orders him to make another.

Rudolpho and Rosie have finished eating their meal and Rudolpho practices his knife throwing on Rosie. They find a sign saying that they are on private property, so Rudolpho goes to ask the owners permission. The owner is king Leopold of Bohemia. When he finds the king, he is mourning over a rag doll and is very distracted. The king apologises for his lack of attention and relates the sad story about how today is the annivesary of his losing his daughter in the forest. He tells Rudolpho that she was tucking into ice cream and jelly on a picnic with her silver spoon, and the next minute, she had wandered off into the forest, never to be seen again.

T-Bag sees Rosie in the saucer and thinks that she is Sally. She sees that she is not wearing the pendant, and so is vulnerable to T-Bags magic. She goes off to sort her out.

Rudolpho shows the King the silver spoon and asks if it jogs any memories. The king wants to know where he got it, but Rudolpho tells him to wait 15 minutes whilst he gets Rosie.

T-Bag appears and kidnaps Rosie. Rudolpho arrives.

Rosie, T-Bag and T-Shirt arrive back at the T-Room. T-Bag tells her to spill the beans and tell her where the bag is. Rosie assumes that she means a bag of beans, so she tells T-Bag that the bag is in the trunk.

T-Bag and T-Shirt disguise themselves as gypsies and go back to the campsite. T-Bag lures Rudolpho away, whilst T-Shirt gets the bag from the trunk. T-Bag and T-Shirt then leave.

Back at the T-Room, T-Bag opens the bag and it is full of beans. She hynotises Rosie and tells her to tell everything she knows from the beginning. Under hynosis, she says her name is Rosie. The confuses T-Shirt and T-Bag.

Sallt arrives at the campsite and tears her jeans. She borrows one of Rosie's dresses. Once she is changed, Rudolpho finds her and tells her to come with him. He tells her that the journey has something to do with a little silver spoon. Sally therefore goes with him.

Back at the T-Room, Rosie is still prattling on until T-Bag shuts her up. T-Shirt works out that she might not be Sally.

Back at the castle, the King thinks that Sally is his daughter, Anastasia. Rudolpho leaves. Sally is confused.

T-Bag gets rid of Rosie and T-Shirt sees the real Sally in the castle.

Rudolpho is back at the campsite, mourning over the loss of Rosie, when Rosie appears. He tells her that she should have stayed behind with her father the king. Rosie becomes confused, so Rudolpho explains and takes her to the castle.

T-Bag decides that they should just stay and watch for the spoon and then pounce when the spoon shows up.

Sally explains to the King that she is not his daughter. The king asks to look at her upper arm because Anastasia has a strawberry shaped birthmark at the top of her arm. She shows him that she doesn't have one, and he accepts that she is not Anastasia.

Rudolpho comes in with Rosie (who is Anastasia) and Sally and Rosie meet up for the first time. Rosie does have the birthmark. Sally asks if the King has seen the spoon, and he produces it. T-Bag then appears and holds them all hostage. Sally hands over the bag. Rudolpho then throws knives at T-Bag, who is pinned to the door. Sally grabs the bag back and T-Shirt takes T-Bag home.

The king give Rudolpho the rank of Master of teh King's Entertainment and allows him to stay in the castle as long as he wants.


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