The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Revenge of the T-Set

Episode 5 (Hazel Knutt's Museli Bar)

First Transmitted 31.1.1989



Gillian Martell as Hazel Knutt

John Bluthal as Herr Krimper

Sally arrives in the Bavarian Alps in Hazel Knutts museli bar. Hazel is just finishing up for the day, but because Sally has not eaten, she decides to fix something for her. She runs through the menu (everything has nuts in it), but Sally tells her that she has no money. Hazel then decides to rustle something up from some leftovers that she has for nothing.

In a creepy castle on the other side of the valey, Wolfgang Krimper is working in his laboratory. He is working on a cure for old age because he is getting on a bit.

T-Bag insists on an early night for her and T-Shirt, but T-Shirt wants to listen to the "Gory Story Hour" on the radio. T-Bag tells him no.

Wolfgang has finished his potion and drinks it. We then get a jekyll and Hyde type transformation, whereby he becomes a young boy. He rushes out into the thunderstorm

Hazel is drying her cutlery. On of the objects is a silver teaspoon. Sally sees it and asks if she can have it. Hazel gives it to her. Sally gets up to leave and find the next one, but Hazel tells her that she mustn't go out in the thunderstorm. She offers her a bed for the night, and Sally agrees, but on condition that Hazel looks after the spoons. Sally leaves to go to bed. Hazel fills the bag with nutty biscuits for Sally in the morning. She leaves the bag on the table and goes off to put her cutlery away. Krimper comes in as a young boy and find the biscuits in the bag. He eats one, decides that they are really good and takes the bag out of the shop.

Hazel comes back and sees that the bag is missing. She panics and vows to get it back.

T-Shirt tries to smuggle the radio to his bedroom, but T-Bag spots it and takes it off him.

Krimper arrives back at his castle and finds that all the biccies have gone (because he's eaten them all). He then turns back into the old Krimper.

T-Shirt is listening to the closing sequence of the "Gory Story Hour" and then he spots that Krimper has the bag. He goes to get the bag and Krimper lets him. He offers T-Shirt some food, which he accepts. Hazel then knock at the castle door, and Krimper goes to answer it. Whilst he is away, T-Shirt mistakes the potion for a drink of pop and takes a sip. He immediately turns into a baby, crawling around the floor making gurgling noises. Krimper discovers T-Shirt, but T-Shirt splats him in the face with a pie before crawling off into the night.

T-Bag finds that he gone missing.

Sally wakes up refreshed, and Hazel breaks the bad news.

T-Bag magics T-Shirt back to the T-Room, and he appears crawling around the floor. T-Bag sees that he has the bag, and goes to get it, but he bites her fingers. She tells him off. He sees some biscuits at he museli bar in the saucer so she magics him away.

He appears in the museli bar. Hazel sees him and gives him more biccies in return for the bag. Hazel goes to lock up the bag in the safe. Whilst she is away, the potion wears off, and T-Shirt goes back to the T-Room. T-Bag tells him off, but he can't remember anything.

Sally goes to the castle to find out what has happened to the bag. Krimper tells him that a boy that turned into a baby has taken the bag and crawled away. Krimper agrees to help her and takes a bottle of his potion.

T-Bag is drilling T-Shirt for information about what happened to the bag. T-Shirt then remembers the nutty biscuits. He remembers that he was in the museli bar. They go into the museli bar dressed as tourists. T-Shirt suggests that he should eat some more biscuits because they might jog his memory. After 401 biscuits, there are no memories stirring. Hazel brings in some nut tea, which T-Bag tries and enjoys. Sally comes in and T-Bag and she exchange pleasantries. Hazel brings the bag in to give to Sally, but T-Bag snatches it. Hazel remonstrates with her, but T-Bag takes no notice. Sally has an idea and tells Krimper to spike T-Bag's nut tea with the potion whilst Hazel is distracting T-Bag. He does. T-Bag continues drinking and turns into a childish young girl. She makes T-Shirt vanish and then suggests playing "Smash the Plates". Hazel suggests a better game - "Hunt the Bag" whereby, everyone closes their eyes whilst she hides the bag and then the first one to find it is the winner. T-Bag agrees and closes her eyes. Hazel hands the bag to Sally, who then announces that she is the winner. T-Bag gets stroppy and goes back to the T-Room. Sally then goes to find the next spoon.

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