The T-Room
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T-Bag and the Revenge of the T-Set

Episode 3 (Lost in Space)

First Transmitted 17.1.1989



Andrie Reid as Stella

Bill Monks as Mister McCannickle

Sally arrives aboard a spaceship in geostationary orbit around an alien planet. She finds a collection of eating implements in a museum display in the ship, but there is no spoon. She goes to pick up an exhibit to examine it closer, but an alarm goes off and an android come in pointing a gun at her and tells her to freeze.

Meanwhile, T-Bag has awoken from her drugged sleep. T-Shirt hands her a drink that turns out to be coffee and gets a violent reaction from T-Bag.

The android demands to know Sally's name rank and number. She doesn't have any rank or number, so he summons the captains. The captain is on the planet looking for additions to her collection. She finds the silver spoon behind a rock. The android (Mr. McCannickle) gets in touch with her and tells her the situation on board. He beams her up and gets Sally to explain. McCannickle insists that Sally is punished in accordance with the regulations. The captain reluctantly agrees and they beam Sally off the ship onto the nearest landmass (the planet) to be forgotten about. Before she vanishes, Sally sees that the Captain has the next spoon.

T-Bag sees her on the planet in the saucer. T-Bag decides to use a metal detector in order to assist them. T-Shirt immediately strats playing with it and uses it to detect the fillings in T-Bag's teeth. She snatches it back off him and they leave.

The captain adds the spoon to the collection after McCannickle deactivates the alarm system.

T-Bag is rushing around on the planet, detecting everything from bean tins to bicycles. Sally hears T-Bag's cackling and rushes to see if it is anyone who is likely to help her off the planet. T-Bag strides off, but T-Shirt realises that Sally is not looking for the spoon. He asks her why and she lets it slip that the spoon is on the spaceship. He rushes off to tell T-Bag.

They appear in the ship. T-Shirt sees the spoon and goes to grab it, setting off the alarm. McCannickle comes in and apprehends them, but they vanish back to the T-Room. McCannickle can't comprehend how they just vanished, and relates it to the Captain when she comes in. She starts to think that he is beginning to malfunction. He reassures her that the XL0II is ultra-reliable (this is his model number).

T-Bag hears this in her saucer and begins to hatch a plan. T-Shirt comes in and pretends to be a robot. This give T-Bag an idea.

She goes back to the ship dressed as a mechanic and sets off the alarm. She tells McCannickle that she is Minnie Mouse and vanishes. When he tells the Captain that Minnie Mouse had broken into the ship, she is convinced that he is breaking down. She deactivates him. T-Bag beams in telling her that she is from the Android Breakdown Company. She looks into the back of McCannickle and distracts the Captain before jamming an old tin can into his circuitry. When she switches him on, he really does go loopy. She tells the Captain to get rid of him before he goes mad and wrecks the whole ship. They beam him onto the planet.

T-Bag then introduces his replacement - T-Shirt diguised as the T-4-2 android. The Captain accepts him.

Sally comes across McCannickle malfunctioning down on the planet. He falls flat on his face. Sally finds the old can in his circuitry and takes it out. He immediately recovers. Sally guesses who put it there. McCannickle immediately offers to help Sally, but they are both still marooned.

The Captain is showing T-Shirt how to operate the ship. T-Shirt gets confused over which switch is for the transporter and which is for the alarm. He tells the captain to go and have a lie down whilst he takes care of everything. She does. He flicks a switch and goes to pick up the spoon, but inevitably, the alarm goes off, and Sally and McCannickle are beamed on board. McCannickle apprehends T-Shirt. The captain comes in to find out what all the noise was about. T-Bag sees this and curses.

The captain works out exactly what has been going on and asks T-Shirt where T-Bag is. T-Bag appears and holds them all at gunpoint. She sends T-Shirt back to the T-Room. She then demands the spoon from Sally, who refuses until she threatens to blast teh Captain and McCannickle. She then goes to beam them all into deep space. Whilst she is doing this, Sally slips the old can back into McCannickles circuitry, making him go mad and chase after T-Bag yelling that she is Minnie Mouse and that mice should be eradicated because they are vermin. He chases T-Bag into the transporter and Sally beams her into outer space. Sally then exchanges the old tin can for the silver spoon (which T-Bag had left on top of the transporter control) because the Captain recognises it as a valuable and rare antique.

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