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T-Bag and the Revenge of the T-Set

Episode 1 (The Stone Circle)

First Transmitted 3.1.1989



Jan Holden as The HighT- Lady

The Episode opens with a bright light travelling across the starlit sky. A heavenly choir then starts singing and we cut to the temple of the T-Set. The high T-Lady appears in a shaft of light on the throne. She gets up and summons T-Bag. She then tells T-Bag that there is "No room for anything evil in the T-Set" an proceeds to destroy her T-Plant and make her into a T-Caddy. She aaserts her authority as the High-T.

Cut to Thomas's shop. The is a large thunderclap and Sally rushes in shaking an umbrella. Thomas comes in asking if she wants assistance. She pretends that she is just browsing, but Thomas soon guesses that she has just come in to shelter from the rain. He goes to make a cup of tea for the pair of them and Sally starts to look around.

T-Bag is fuming in the Temple over the loss of her magic, but the High-T tells her that her days of evil are over and that she must serve her once more as her T-Caddy. She tells her that she must turn over a new leaf. T-Bag looks at the pile of ashes that was her T-Plant and sees that there is one leaf that has been left undamaged. She then tells the High-T that she agrees.

The High-T then hands her a cup of "good" tea. T-Bag reluctantly takes a drink, before the High-T leaves. T-Bag then grabs the leaf from the T-Plant and eats it. Her powers return. She then sets about turning the Temple into her new T-Room.

Sally sees the T-Pot where the Temple is and looks through a hole in the lid in time to see the High-T return. The High-T is shocked to see what has happened while she was out. T-Bag revives her T-Plant to full health and then the she and the High-T engage in a magic battle in which she defeats the High-T and expells her from the Temple. She then notices Sally looking in and kidnaps her.

Thomas hears the struggle and rushes in to see what has happened. He looks into the teapot and sees Sally tied to a stake with a laser beam fast approaching her. He struggles to magic himself into the pot and rescues Sally just before the laser explodes. He is now T-Shirt.

T-Bag appears and explains that it was just a big ploy to get T-Shirt back into her service. She makes him brew tea under protest.

T-Shirt pleads with T-Bag to let Sally go, but she tells him that she has seen too much and that she is not free to go. T-Shirt then changes tack and asks her what dastardly scheme she is up to now. T-Bag refuses to tell him because he would only wreck things. T-Shirt then says fair enough and carries on working. T-Bag can't contain herself, however and then agrees to tell T-Shirt. It is then that they notice that Sally has slipped away, much to T-Bag's dismay.

Sally arrives at the stone circle. She hears a noise and calls out. It is the High-T. The High-T explains to Sally what is going on and how dangerous T-Bag is.

T-Bag sees Sally in the saucer and goes to the circle. Sally demands to know what is going on. The High-T gets out a box and opens it. Inside are eight ornate silver spoons, which are the enchanted teaspoons of the T-Set. She explains that they are made from a meteor of solid moon silver, and that every hundred years the stars arrange themselves in a spectacular celestial formation. When this happens, a great surge of universal energy is focussed onto the altar in the centre of the circle with the help of the spoons which draw in the power. The energy is used to rejuvenate the T-Set and is used for good. At this point, T-Bag snatches the spoons and exclaims that she will use the power to become the Empress of all that is evil. She then goes back to the T-Room.

T-Shirt stays behind and tells them that he will try to help before he goes back to the T-Room too.

T-Bag gets out some star charts and calculates that the celestial event will happen in ten days. T-Shirt offers to look after the spoons for her, but she tells him that he's not touching them and that she has hidden the spoons herself. T-Shirt goes into a huff, so T-Bag tells him to think of the good times. We then have a flashback over the past series and we see scenes from "Strikes Again", "Turn on to T-Bag" and "Bounces Back". Each scene is an occasion where T-Shirt has made a fool of her, or she has made a fool of herself. This cheers him up. T-Bag then goes to have a sleep.

T-Shirt ceases the opportunity to get Sally and the High-T and find the spoons in the T-Room. They find a secret passage in an alcove and Sally grabs the spoons. T-Bag comes in and T-Shirt tries to make out that he caught Sally stealing the spoons. T-Bag is not convinced and tries to zap Sally. The magic of the spoons protects her, so T-Bag threatens to blast the High-T. T-Shirt takes the spoons and goes to hand them to T-Bag, but before she can grab them, he magics them away. She then flies into a rage and puts him under her power. She then gets rid of Sall and the High-T by zapping them back to the circle. T-Shirt explains that he doesn't know where the spoons are.

Back at the circle, the High-T gets out a silver pendant and gives it to Sally, explaining that it will transport her through the T-junctions in time and space and lead her to the spoons. Sally vanishes through the first T-Junction to find the first spoon.

T-Bag is annoyed to see that Sally is after the spoons, but she realises that the charm will lead the girl to the spoons and that the girl will lead them.

She ends the episode with the line:

"Seek out the spoons, Sally Simpkins, but just remember this my girl: wherever you go, we'll be right behind you!"

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