The T-Room
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Turn on to T-Bag

Episode 10 (Turn on to T-Bag)

First Transmitted 8.3.1988



Ken Jones as Professor Sparkes

Back in the lab, we find Professor Sparks going through a checklist of components for the booster machine. He then realises that he has not fed Gilbert, so he stops work to feed him. T-Bag arrives and is furious that he has stopped work. She demands the booster, and Professor Sparks tells her how to set it up. He tells her that once it is switched on, she has to wait for the power to build up. When it is the correct level, a bleeper will sound.

She leaves with the booster after instructing him to let her know the second that the children arrive with the crystals. After she has gone, he noticed that Gilbert is missing.

Back at the T-Room, T-Bag starts up the booster and the system and begins the wait for the power to build up. She attempts to brew herself a glass of iced tea. She serves it in a cocktail glass with ice and an umbrella, but it is still revolting.

Professor Sparks is looking for Gilbert when the children turn up. T-Shirt relates their adventures to the Professor, but he seems preoccupied. He asks if they have got the crystals back. T-Shirt goes to give them to him, but Holly isn't sure. She asks what happened about the booster machine. Sparks says that he refused to make it, so Holly tells him that there is no need to give back the crystals as T-Bag won't be able to begin transmitting. Sparks tells her to hand them over anyway, in case T-Bag gets the system going without the booster.

Holly takes T-Shirt to one side and asks if he thinks that Sparks is still under T-Bag's power, but he doesn't think so. T-Shirt starts congratulating him on refusing to mae the booster. Whilst he is doing this, Holly hides the crystals inside T-Shirts Teddy in his bag. She puts light bulbs into a little pouch and hands it to Professor Sparks. As soon as he gets the pouch, he calls out to T-Bag, who brings him back to the T-Room.

When he's there, he hands the pouch to T-Bag. She then breaks her spell on him and tells him that he's been very helpful.

T-Shirt is having kittens about how stupid he's been. Holly tries to explain what has happened to the crystals, but he grabs his bag and goes to the T-Room. Professor Sparks then appears.

Back at teh T-Room, T-Shirt pleads with T-Bag to take him back. She refuses at first, but soon caves in.

Holly and the Professor try to come up with a plan to get the crystals back, but fail.

T-Bag tells T-Shirt about her plan, and he tells his Teddy. She snatches the Teddy off him and tells him that he's far too old to play with them. She tells him to make a cup of tea. Whilst she is distracted, he replaces the light bulbs with ice cubes (He empties the pouch down his t shirt, so he doesn't notice that they aren't the crystals). T-Bag notices that he is holding the pouch just after he is finished and grabs it off him, thinking that she has caught him just in time.

T-Shirt goes back to the lab to give the crystals back. He finds that they are light bulbs. Holly tells him that the crystals are in the Teddy.

T-Bag notices that he is missing. He reappears in T-Room, and T-Bag demands to know where he is. He fails to come up with a decent excuse, so she goes to take away his powers so that he can't leave. Just as she is doing this, the bleeper goes off on the booster and distracts T-Bag. She becomes exstatic that the system is ready.

T-Shirt grabs the bear and T-Bag asks waht he is doing. He tells her that he wants to put Ted back in the bag, but she snatches it and goes to throw it, but the system explodes. She blames it on T-Shirt and tells him to get out of her sight. She throws the bear at him and he goes back to the lab.

Back at the lab, the Professor has got the booster out and they are about to assemble the crystal array, but T-Bag summons the Professor whilst he is holding the jammer. She demands that he fixes the booster. He finds Gilbert in the back of the booster and discovers that he has puled out a wire. He fixes the jammer and picks up the booster to leave. T-Bag discovers that the pouch full of crystals is wet with melting ice cubes. She grabs the jammer off Sparks and stamps on it until it is flat and smashed.

Holly and T-Shirt go back to the T-Room and yell at the Professor to give them the jammer. T-Bag points to the pile of wrecked circuitry on the floor. She then launches into a victory speech. T-Shirt remebers that he still has magic and tries to fix the jammer. He succeeds on the second attempt.

Holly starts assembling the array as T-Bag progresses with her speech.

After the array is complete, T-Shirt tries to activate the jammer, but it doesn't work. T-Bag begins transmitting.

T-Shirt thumps the jammer and it springs into life. Everything goes dark and the air fills with strange lights and pulsing sounds. A heavenly choir starts to sing. The T-Plant and its associated gadgetry explode in showers of white sparks and T-Bag is engulfed in a bright green shaft of light. She is destroyed with a cry of "Oh, you monstrous, monstrous people! You've ruined everything! EVERYTHIIIIIIIING!".

T-Shirt then mysteriously finds himself back at the shop as Thomas watching Holly on the old TV interviewing Professor Sparks. The series ends.


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