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Episode 9 (Doc Leaf)

First Transmitted 1.3.1988



Matt Zimmerman as Doc Leaf

Shirin Taylor as Dora Bella

Dora Bella arrives back from a long journey back to her town in the Wild West. As she passes Doc Leaf's store, he shoots her with a pea shooter and tells her that it is a potentially lethal mosquito bite. He tells her that she should buy and rub on some of his herbal remedy that he is peddling. He sings his sales pitch:

Gather round folks, come and see

Doc Leaf's Herbal Remedy.

Here's the stuff to put you right -

Rub it on your mosquito bite!

Swirl it round your teeth and gums.

Good for boils and dicky tums,

Lines the stomach, soothes the feet,

Clears up dandruff like a treat!

Doc Leaf's Herbal Remedy!

*spoken* You know that it makes sense,

It's yours for just 10 cents!

Dora is not impressed. He then tries to convinve her that she should buy some to clean her carpets, shampoo her dogs or restore her hair. He then notices that she owns a snakeskin bag like his and tell her that it is wonderful for polishing them.

Meanwhile, T-Bag is getting sick of T-Shirt cooing over Gilbert the Guinea Pig. She finally becomes so sick of it that she zaps it back to Professor Sparks. He then gets in a mood and packs his snakeskin bag and leaves, taking his teddy with him.

He wanders into the Western town and walks past Doc Leaf, who immediately starts singing his pitch again:

Gather round folks, come and see

Doc Leaf's Herbal Remedy!

Clean your windows, paint your nails,

As a glue it never fails!

Takes the squeak off rusty springs,

Yep, it's good for lots of things:

Stripping wood, Removing Paint,

An alternative to this, there ain't!

Doc Leaf's Herbal Remedy!

* You know that it makes sense,

It's yours for just 10 cents.

He then tells T-Shirt that he should soak his feet in it because he must have walked a long way. T-Shirt says no thanks and asks if he knows anywhere to stay. He doesn't tell him, but carries on trying to flog his potion. T-Shirt says he'll lok for himself, and wanders off, seconds before Holly comes in. She greets Doc leaf, who flies into his routine once more:

Gather round folks, come and see

Doc Leaf's Herbal Remedy!

The Teeniest droplet of this potion

Makes a marvellous suntan lotion.

Good for colds and chesty wheezes,

Better than other antifreezes.

Clears the drains, unblocks the sink,

It's a delicious bedtime drink!

Doc Leaf's Herbal Remedy!

* You know that it makes sense!

It's yours for just 10 cents!

He tries to sell it to Holly as a pick-me-up. She interrupts him and shows him the crystals to see whether he has seen the last one. He tells her to put them away because the town is full of bandits. Whilst she is not looking, he swaps her bag for his identical bag.

Dora breezes into the hotel that she runs. She hears a gunfight going on outside, and leaves her bag in the lobby whilst she goes out to quieten things down. T-Shirt comes into the hotel to book a room, but falls over Dora's snakeskin bag, dropping his snakeskin bag in the process. He picks up Dora's bag thinking that it it his. He rings the reception bell, but no-one is around. He heads off round the hotel to see if he can find anyone. Holly comes in. She sits down to wait, but falls asleep.

Dora comes back in and sees that her bag has been moved. She notices Holly asleep in the lobby. She then opens the bag that she thinks is hers, but it has T-Shirts Teddy in it. She assumes that the bag is Hollys. She takes the bag that Holly has, but finds that it is full of Herbal Remedy. She then assumes that Doc Leaf has her bag and marches out to get it back.

T-Bag sees that Doc leaf has the crystals. Whilst he is locking up his shop, Dora arrives and grabs the bag that he has and swaps it for his original bag. She then goes back to the hotel. Before Doc Leaf has finished locking up, T-Bag appears with another identical bag, fills it with rocks and leaves it with Doc Leaf, taking the bag that has been left by Dora. Doc leaf heads for the hotel.

Holly awakes. T-Shirt comes in and Holly tells him to get lost. T-Shirt explains that he has left her because of what she did to Gilbert. Holly takes pity on him and they make friends.

T-Bag is rejoicing because she thinks she has the crystals, until she opens the bag and finds Herbal Remedy.

T-Shirt agrees to help Holly. Dora arrives and T-Shirt books a room. Holly explains her quest. Whilst she is doing this, T-Bag appears, and swaps the bag that she has for Hollys bag. Holly goes to open the bag and show Dora the crystals, but all she finds is Herbal Remedy.

T-Bag is rejoicing again until she opens the Bag and pull out T-Shirts Teddy bear.

Holly goes to get her crystals back from Doc Leaf, but he isn't there.

Doc Leaf breezes into the hotel, shouting his mouth off about how his fortunes have changed. He orders a large meal for himself and also one for T-Shirt, who he remembers from his store. Dora expresses her concern about how he will pay for it. When they come back, she presents them with the bill, and Doc Leaf reaches into his bag and pulls out a rock which he presents to Dora. She is not impressed and threatens him. T-Shirt then dashes off to get his piggy bank so that he can pay for the meal.

T-Bag appears disguised as a cowgirl. She tells Doc Leaf the he must have her bag, and they swap eagerly. She then leaves.

Holly storms in, accusing Doc. Leaf of stealingher bag. She grabs his bag and throws her bag at him.

T-Shirt comes in with Dora's bag, and he swaps it for the bag that she has.

Everyone is happy that they have what they think are their original bags (apart from Doc Leaf). T-Bag appears and is far from happy with her bag full of rocks.

She pulls out two guns and forces everyone to put up their hands. She gets Doc Leaf to round up all the bags and put them in a line. As she is going though them, Holly grabs a gun and points it at her, telling her to hand over the bags. T-Bag zaps the gun and it goes off, the bullet ricocheting around the room until it severs the chandalier hoist cord. The Chandelier falls onto T-Bag's head, and she sinks to the floor, with the lowest crystal on the chandalier *the last missing crystal) balancing on the end of her nose.

Holly yanks the crystal off the chandalier, grans her bag, and she and T-Shirt dsah out of the hotel. Suddenly, there is a huge thunderclap and the episode ends.


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