The T-Room
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Turn on to T-Bag

Episode 8 (The African Queen)

First Transmitted 23.2.1988



Roger Sloman as Mr Grimes

Pamela Vezey as Bertha Bote

Holly arrives on a cargo ship

T-Shirt is trying to hypnotise his teddy. T-Bag tells him off for playing with teddies at his age. She finds Holly on the boat. T-Shirt starts nagging T-Bag about how to put people in his power like she does.

Mr. Grimes comes on deck on the boat and screams at the children playing on the shore. Bertha comes in and asks what all the noise is. Mr. Grimes tells her that he hates all children and accuses them of being behind all of the robberies that have been going on on board.

T-Bag sees this and waits until the boat has cast off. She then makes Holly fall out of her hiding place right into the path of Mr. Grimes. He grabs her and drags her off to the captain.

T-Shirt faltters T-Bag into telling him how to put people under his power. She tells him how, but he can't snap his fingers. She tells him that he could clap his hands instead. He asks if he can practise on her, but she says that he needs something less intelligent to work on and magics up Gilbert (Professor Sparks's Guinea Pig). She leaves him to it whilst she nods off on the sofa.

Mr. Grimes is accusing Holly of all kinds of things to the Captain. Holly takes out her crystals to show them to prove that she hadn't been stealing from them. The Captain seems very interested in them and dismisses Mr. Grimes.

T-Shirt is trying to make Gilbert fly by hypnotising him. He succeeds in hypnotising T-Bag instead, who rises up in the air. He brings her out of the spell, and she plummets to the floor. She then chases him around the T-Room until he claps his hands again and she falls under the spell once more.

Bertha shows Holly that she had a crystal in her strongbox in the hold. She gives it to Holly, telling her not to leave the bag hanging around. Holly asks if she could be dropped off at the next stop. Bertha agrees, but takes the bag to keep safe in the strong box. Grimes hears that it has been put in the box and seethes, as he had his eyes on it.

In the T-Room, T-Bag is being made to wait on T-Shirt. He then decides that he wants someone to play with, so he regresses T-Bag to when she was a child. She runs riot and starts breaking things. He goes to get his snakes and ladders for a nice, quiet game. She discovers that she has magic whilst he is away. She sees Mr. Grimes hitting the strong box with a spanner and decides that she wants a go. She goes to find him, grabs a spanner and starts hitting hell out of the box herself. She then decides that she wants to see whats in the box, so she magics it open in the hope that it will be full of toys. Mr. Grimes claps his hands with glee, and it breaks the spell. T-Bag finds the bag in the box and grabs it. Mr. Grimes than claps his hands again, and T-Bag regresses once more.

T-Shirt finds that she is missing and panics.

Holly and Bertha find the box open. Bertha is astounded because the door was locked when they left and was still locked when they returned. T-Shirt appears looking for T-Bag, and Holly accuses him of being the thief. Bertha refuses to believe it. Holly goes to scour the ship. T-Shirt decides to stay and do a bit of detective work.

Grimes and T-Bag are hiding behind some barrels. Grimes takes all the stuff out of the bag and decides to hide it. T-Bag starts swinging the bag around and Grimes tells her to stop messing around. She releases the empty bag and it flies into the sea. Bertha arrives and tells him to check aft.

Holly arrives and finds T-Bag. T-Bag tells Holly that they had stolen all the stuff from the chest as a joke. Holly tells him to play a trick on Mr. Grimes by putting it all back. She thinks that this would be a great idea and climbs into the air vent to get back to the hold.

T-Shirt hears the thief returning through the air vent and whack her over the head with a spanner when she comes in. This permanently breaks the spell. She grasses Grime up to Bertha and Bertha recovers the loot. Since she has lost her bag, Bertha gives Holly a large snakeskin bag to keep the crystals in.

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