The T-Room
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Turn on to T-Bag

Episode 5 (Pyramids)

First Transmitted 2.2.1988



Siobhan Redmond as Scoop Shuttleworth

Elizabeth Estensen as Queen Tallulah of the Nile

Holly arrives in Egypt outside a large pyramid.

T-Bag is planning the opening of High TV. She tells T-Shirt to book a photographer for the accompanying magazine (High TV Times). T-Shirt offers to take the photograph and magics up an instant camera. He accidentally takes a photo of himself because he is holding the camera around the wrong way. T-Bag tells him off for his incompetence, but the photo comes out OK, so she lets him do the official photos after all.

Holly isn't having much luck in finding the crystal. A journalist turns up and tells Holly that she is searching for the legendary tomb of the Nile Queen. Holly decides to stick with her in case the crystal is in the tomb.

T-Bag is looking at the pictures that T-Shirt has taken, but they are all rubbish. She orders him to get a proper photographer after all. T-Shirt sees the journalist (Scoop Shuttleworth) in the saucer and sees that she has a map. He magics himself down to the pyramid and takes a photo of the map whilst nobody is looking. He goes back to the T-Room.

Meanwhile, Holly and Scoop have found the secret entrance to the pyramid. They follow the first corridor on the map round to the right.

T-Bag comes into the T-Room demanding that T-Shirt gets a photographer, but T-Shirt tells her that he has found the next missing crystal. He shows her the photo of the map. She rushes the the tomb to find her way around. T-Shirt sends off all of the photograph he has taken to the printer to let them decide which is the best for printing.

Holly and Scoop find their way into the central chamber of the pyramid.

T-Bag can't decide which way up the map of the tomb should be. She summons T-Shirt, who can't decide either. She doesn't want to magic herself in because she wants Holly to find the crystal so that she can be ambushed. They find the door and T-Shirt says that they must follow the map round to the left.

Scoop and Holly are in the tomb taking photos of the relics and Scoop is dreaming of fame and fortune. She makes Holly pose with a vase.

Meanwhile, T-Bag and T-Shirt get completely lost and end up back outside the tomb. They have a huge argument. T-Bag then formulates a plan...

Scoop finds a set of heiroglyphics which detail a dreadful curse that will fall upon anyone who takes anything away from the tomb. Holly knock over the vase and it breaks to reveal the crystal inside it. A spooky mummy shambles into the chamber and demands the crystal. It then turns to take the crystal away. Suddenly the crystal starts to glow and lights start flashing. The mummy turns out to be T-Shirt in disguise. The crystal causes a sarcophagus to open to reveal Queen Tallulah of the Nile, who turns out to be the exact double of T-Bag. Holly thinks that it is T-Bag.

T-Shirt hands her the crystal. T-Bag then turns up and is amazed to meet her double. It turns out that Queen Tallulah is her great, great, great.....great grandmother. Queen Tallulah refuses to give her the crystal because she knows that T-Bag is the black sheep of the Bag family. She blasts her back to the T-Room. She then grants Holly permission to remove the crystal from the tomb.

Meanwhile, T-Shirt brings in a bundle of magazines back from the printers. T-Bag is furious when the picture on the fromt turs out to be the one of him.



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