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Episode 4 (Bubble Boy)

First Transmitted 26.1.1988



Colin Bennett as JR Sudd

Lois Baxter as Krystle

The next programme begins. It is a Dallas type Soap Opera. Krystle is sitting out on the veranda having breakfast with J.R. on their ranch. J.R. is an advertising mogul working on his next big capaign for "Suds" soap.

Krystle reveals that it is her birthday and it turns out that JR has forgotten about it, her present and her big dinner party that night. Also he has forgotten to book extra help for the preparation. As he is leaving for work, Holly bumps into him and tells him that she is looking for a crystal. He assumes that she is looking for his wife and tells her to go indoors. He thinks that he had remembered to book the help after all.

Holly meets Krystle and is put to work on the understanding that she will be paid at the end of it (although Holly thinks that the crystal will be payment).

JR bustles into the TV studio to finish off his jingle. He explains to his crew that he is late because he had to buy a present for his wife. He has bought a crystal ring.

He gets a phone call telling him that the star of his new commercial is ill with mumps. JR gets really stressed.

T-Shirt sees the crystal in the saucer and head off to pick it up from the studio.

JR is phoning around trying to get a new Bubble Boy for his commercial, but to no avail. Krystle rings him and he tells her that he is having a tough time because he hasn't got a bubble boy. T-Shirt apears and tries to steal the crystal, but JR thinks that he is perfect for the part of the Bubble Boy.

Back at the ranch, Holly tells Krystle that she is nearly finished in her chores. Holly starts to sing whilst she works. Krystle hears and tells her that she will make her a star by being in her husbands commercial.

T-Shirt is in full frilly costume and feeling miserable. Krytle rings JR and tells him that she has found a Bubble Girl for him. JR refuses because he has already filled the part.

T-Shirt goes for a rehearsal. He sings the jingle:



I'm the Bubble Boy Kid; I'm clean and neat

From the top of my head to the soles of my feet.

All the other soaps I've tried are duds,

So that's why I use "Suds".


That's why I use "Suds"!

T-Shirt asks to have a banana from the bowl of fruit on the set, but JR tells him that it's all made out of soap. They then go for a take. T-Bag sees him prancing around in his frilly gear and brings him back to the T-Room. JR becomes exasperated.

Back at the T-Room, T-Bag tells T-shirt off for messing around. T-Shirt tries to explain about the crytals, but T-Bag won't let him and says that wherever Holly is the crystal is sure to be.

Krystle is on the phone to JR. He tells her that the new Bubble Boy has disappeared. Krystle tells him that Holly will be the new Bubble Girl. Just as they leave, T-Bag and T-Shirt turn up disguised as locals. Krystle comes back and they confuse her with a fast bunch of initials:

Krystle: Who are you? are you friends of JR's?

T-Shirt: JR? Oh, yes. I'm TS, Ma'am.

K: TS?

TS: I'm a friend of PJ.

T-Bag: Good old PJ.

K: PJ?

TB: PJ from NBC?

K: I see.

TB: No, NBC.You must know PJ from LA.

K: (bamboozled) Sure.

Holly is kitted out in costume. JR says that they have got to go live. He makes Holly promise that she won't vanish.

T-Bag and T-Shirt are invited to sit down and watch the new soap commercial. T-Bag sees that it is Holly. T-Bag takes Krystle and T-Shirt to the studio.

JR is over the moon with the production. Holly goes to get changed. JR takes the ring out of the box to admire it. T-Bag, Krystle and T-Shirt appear. T-Shirt grabs the empty box thinking that the ring is in it and hands it to T-Bag. T-Bag then starts taunting Holly about the commercial. She sings the jingle:

I'm the Bubble Girl Kid, I'm an insolent pup,

But now I'm down in the dumps 'cause I'm all washed up!

She grabs a piece of soap fruit and takes a big bite. Back at the T-Room, her stomach starts churning. She grabs the empty box off T-Shirt and looks inside. She bursts into tears when she ralises that it is empty.

Back at the studio, JR gives the ring to Krystle, but Krystle would prefer a new yacht. She gives the ring to Holly.



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