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Turn on to T-Bag

Episode 2 (Gangsters)

First Transmitted 12.1.1988



John Bluthal as Big Ed Malone

Harry Towb as Police Chief O'Reilly

The second programme starts. It is an old gangster movie.

Holly turns up outside an ice cream parlour in the movie.

T-Bag makes T-Shirt her PA for High TV. He starts to compose a theme tune for the show.

Back in the movie, there is an explosion and sirens start to wail. Big Ed Malone has robbed a jewellery store and hides in the doorway to the ice cream parlour. He has his hands full of the loot, including the next crystal. Holly meets him and asks whats going on. He distracts her by saying that he can see the burglar escaping across the rooftops, and when she looks, he stuff th loot into her bag.

T-Bag fumes about this, but soon stops when she hears T-Shirt scratching at a violin, singing:

T-Bag, T-Bag, RA-RA-RA!

She's our favourite megastar!

She isn't impressed and tells him to shut up.

Police Chief O'Reilly catches up with Big Ed Malone and accuses him of stealing the jewels. Holly objects and tells O'Reilly that the man escaped across the rooftops. O'Reilly isn't impressed and tells her to hop it. She leaves, much to Malone's dismay. He attemps to follow him, but O'Reilly keeps him back to search and question him.

T-Shirt is still fiddling on the violin, but T-Bag screeches at him to shut up again.

O'Reilly lets Malone go, but still isn't convinced. Malone gets on the phone to his boss and has to tell him that the gems have been lost. He promises to get them back.

O'reilly gets back to the station and we learn that there have been several robberies, but no arrests. T-Bag sees this and formulates a plan. She diguises herself as a flapper and goes to the police station to give an eyewitness account of the jewellery store robbery, implicating Holly as the thief's accomplice. She tells him that all the diamonds are in her bag. O'Reilly thanks her and says that he has seen her himself.

Malone is worrying about Holly having disappeared. She comes round the corner and takes all the diamonds out of her bag to ask Malone about them. Malone runs, and O'Reilly turns up and arrests Holly.

T-Bag is rejoicing in the T-Room. T-Shirt starts fidlling again, and she shrieks at him. He leaves to find someone who appreciates "good" music.

Malone is back on the phone to his boss. The boss says that he is sending a diabolical criminal to collect the diamonds. The criminal is called "Little Legs Lawson" and is to be recognised by the machine gun in the violin case. T-Shirt appears, and Malone thinks that he is Lawson. T-Shirt says that he is a real killer with his violin case and offers to give him a quick burst. Malone declines this generous offer and sends T-Shirt into the ice cream parlour to have an ice cream.

Malone gets onto the phone to O'Reilly. He says that Litlle Legs Lawson is the real thief and that he is to be found in the ice cream parlour. He tells him about the violin case.

Holly protests loudly about being locked away. O'Reilly rushes to the ice cream parlour. Malone comes into the police station and demands the diamonds from Holly. She tells him that they are in the safe.

O'Reilly raids the ice cream parlour, and T-Shhirt comes out holding the violin case. O'Reilly immediately puts up his hands in surrender.

Back at the station, Malone is placing dynamite around the safe. Holly tells him that the safe is dynamite proof and that he should use all the sticks he has to blow it open.

Meanwhile, T-Shirt is convincing O'Reilly that he is not Lawson, by torturing him with the violin.

T-Bag turns up at the station to gloat over Holly in prison. She finds that her shoelace is until and so puts her foot on the detonator to tie it. This blows the safe, the lock on Hollys cell, and buries T-Bag in rubble. Malone grabs the loot from the safe as O'Reilly and T-Shirt arrive. Malone threatens O'Reilly with his pistol, but Holly bashes him with the cell door. O'Reilly arrests him. T-Bag and T-Shirt leave.

Holly helps to clear up the station. O'Reilly tells her that the jewellery store owner has allowed her to choose any piece of the loot as a reward. She chosses the crystal.

Back at the T-Room, T-Bag cuts the strings on the violin with some scissors. T-Shirt says that he doesn't mind because it didn't really suit him. He decides to take up the drums instead.


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