The T-Room
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Turn on to T-Bag

Episode 1 (Sparkes)

First Transmitted 5.1.1988



Ken Jones as Professor Sparkes

Thomas is in his Grandad's shop, bored out of his brain. He then spots an old TV set, and tries turning it on. There is an announcement by the TV presenter Holly Anna Jones telling the viewers about the upcoming programmes. The TV then goes fuzzy again, so Thomas tries adjusting the aerial. There is a shower of Sparkes and T-Bag appears on the screen. Thomas tells her to leave him alone, but she kidnaps him. He appears in the new T-Room in the back of the TV set.

T-Bag tells him that she is ready to hatch the most fiendish plot ever. She has hooked up the T-Plant to a bunch of electronic doodabs. She plans to transmit her own TV channel and hypnotise people with her wicked powers so that they will be her slaves. She demonstrates her plan on Holly, who stops announcing the upcoming programmes and starts praising T-Bag and her new channel, "High TV". The electrics on T-Bag's T-Plant suddenly explode, and the spell is broken.

T-Bag asks T-Shirt what is going on and he spouts out all this techno babble, basically saying that she has overloaded the system.

Meanwhile, the first programme has started on the TV. It is "Sparkes in Space" starring Professor Sparkes. T-Shirt sits down to watch it, and T-Bag decides that she should go and have a word with Professor Sparkes to ask what happened to her system.

T-Shirt explains to the Professor what has happened and he spouts out exactly what T-Shirt had said. He explains that T-Bag will need a booster device to boost the signal and take the weight off the system. She demands that he builds a booster, but he refuses. Just before she hypnotises him, T-Shirt says that since they think alike, he may be able to persuade the Professor to build the machine without magic. T-Bag leaves him to it, but once she has gone, he pleads with the Professor not to build it. The Professor explains that even if she does manage to lay her hands on a booster, he has a jamming device that will put a stop to her and destroy her. He shows T-Shirt. The jammer is a box of electronics with an array of crystals to power it. He demonstrates the device. Everything goes dark and lights start flashing around. In the T-Room, T-Bag starts to fade. She goes to the Professors lab. T-Shirt sees her and starts telling the Professor off for trying to destroy T-Bag.

The Professor switches the machine off, and T-Bag demands to know what is going on. The professor torments her by switching the machine on and off. She then pretends to be fascinated by the machine and interested in how it works. He shows her the crystals and hands her one. Without a working booster, the Professor is hypnotised by T-Bag into makting the booster.

T-Bag returns to the T-Room to destroy the crystals, but she finds that they are indestructable. T-Shirt suggests hiding them in one of the upcoming programmes, but T-Bag hides one in each of the upcoming programmes. T-Shirt keeps one of the crystals back.

T-Bag then heads off to the bedroom. T-Shirt regrets suggesting hiding the crystals, and realises that he needs help to gather them up again. He brings Holly to the T-Room by magic. Holly refuses to help because she should be at work, but once T-Shirt shows her a video of her being hypnotised, she agrees. He gives her the first crystal. She says that she should go and see the Professor to try and talk him out of making the booster, but T-Shirt says that it will be a waste of time. She tries anyway, but gets a frosty reception. T-Shirt is watching on the TV when T-Bag comes in. Holly tells the Professor that T-Shirt has told her about a "horrible old Bag woman" who intends to enslave everyone.

When T-Bag hears this, she is furious with T-Shirt, and puts him under her power.

She then takes T-Shirt to sort Holly out, but fails to harm her because the crystal protects her. She rushes out to find the rest.

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