The T-Room
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T-Bag Bounces Back

Episode 10 (Happy Ending)

First Transmitted 27.3.1987



Tony Haygarth as Major Happy

T-Bag kidnaps Major happy with a T-Plant spell and makes him her new T-Caddy.

T-Shirt and Debbie arrive back in the town square to find that Major Happy is not there.

T-Bag soon finds out that Major Happy is not the best T-Caddy in the world, and he starts to rebel against T-Bag, answering back and refusing to called her "Your Majes-Tea".

T-Bag sees Debbie in the saucer looking for Major Happy. She tells him to clean the place up whilst she is away.

She goes to the town square and taunts Debbie. Debbie demands to know where Major Happy is.

Major happy changes back into his own clothes and escapes through a secret passage in the wall of the T-Room.

T-Shirt returns to Debbie and they work out that T-Bag must have taken him.

T-Bag discovers that the Major has escaped.

The Major arrives in the town square and tell them that they have got to find the frame to put the bells on. The Major hands the bells to T-Shirt whilst the Major describes the frame.

T-Bag kidnaps T-Shirt and the bells. Debbie assumes that he has double crossed them.

T-Shirt refuses to hand over the bell and goes to throw them off the balcony. T-Bag freezes him to the spot and takes them off him. She tells T-Shirt that Debbie will think that he has double crossed her. He vows to get a message to her somehow, and when T-Bag leaves the room, he takes a load of old music paper and writes "help" on them.

Debbie is in the town square seething. She then decides to go through the secret passage and get the bells back.

T-Bag calls to T-Shirt from the bedroom just as he is about to write on the last piece of music paper. He folds it up and puts it in his pocket. The rest of the music paper has been folded into paper aeroplanes. He throws them out of the window.

T-Bag goes to sleep in the T-Room. T-Shirt then replaces the bells with shortcake and sugarcubes in the bag. He then goes to get a bow and arrow from the bedroom. Whilst he is gone, Debbie comes out of the passage and steals the bag. She then leaves. T-Shirt fires a sticky arrow with a string on down from the balcony to the town square, where it sticks to the fountain. He then threads the bells onto the string and sends them along the string down to the square.

Major Happy is waiting in the town square and he closes the shutters on the window of a house. The frame is stuck to the shutters. Debbie emerges from the passage with the bag.

T-Bag awakes and notices that the bag is missing. She looks in the saucer and finds that Debbie has it. She takes T-Shirt and goes sdown to the Town Square. She takes the bag back and leaves T-Shirt there. Debbie then tells T-Shirt to get lost, but T-Shirt gets the bells down from the fountain.

The Major puts the bells back on the frame and plays the bells. Nothing happens. He tries again. Still nothing. Debbie suggests that there might be a special tune to play. The Major agress, but says that the music paper is still in the mansion. T-Shirt says that he threw it all out of the window as paper aeroplanes. The Major empties the bin full of aeroplanes that he has been picking up, and they search through it. They can't find it, so T-Shirt looks again. The major notices that there is a peice of music paper in T-Shirts pocket. The Major starts to play the tune.

Up at the T-Room, T-Bag starts to fade.

The Major continues to play, and suddenly the sky lights up and a heavenly orchestra starts to play along with the glockenspiel. T-Bag appears and the Major plays the tune again. A bright light comes down from the sky and hits T-Bag. She disappears with the biggest blood-curdling scream that I have ever heard.

Debbie then returns to the shop, and awakes turning the handle of the music box. It is playing beautifully. Thomas comes in and says that he couldn't get it to play. Debbie says that it seems alright now. The little figure of Major happy on the top of the music box winks at her, she smiles back and says, "Bye." and the series ends.

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