The T-Room
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T-Bag Bounces Back

Episode 9 (Nikdit the Thief)

First Transmitted 20.3.1987



John Emanuelle as Nikdit

Willoughby Goddard as Uncle Jumbo

T-Bag tells T-Shirt off for ruining her birthday. She accuses him of making her fail to find all of the bells. She takes back his magic using a T-Plant spell:

Hubble, bubble nothing but trouble.

Magic vanish at the double.

T-Bag tells T-Shirt that he is to stay in the T-Room all the time and make tea.

Debbie arrives in an Indian market at a rug atall. She takes the bells out to admire them. A teenage Indian boy comes out of the shadows and greets her. He introduces himself as Nickdit. He offers to help her find the last bell. He tells her of a temple of bells where she could start looking. He then tells her that he can see a thief who would steal her bells and they hide in the shadow, where he steals the bells himself.

He then returns to the home of his master, a hugely overweight man who just sits and stuffs his face all the time. It is reveled that Nickdit has to go out and steal for him, or he will throw his parents out on the streets or put them in his snake pit. He gives the gold bells to his master. His master refuses to feed him because he is too late coming home.

T- Bag sees that the bells have been stolen.

T-Shirt is packing his bags in the T-Room. He leaves for good.

T-Bag sees the fat man stuffing his face and begins to formulate a plan.

Nickdit returns to his master, who wants more gold bells. Nickdit finds the last gold bell in his masters chamber on a statue of an elephant. He gives it to his master who gives him a grape in return. Nickdit refuses to steal any more, but the master remonstrates with him.

Debbie returns to the market, and we find out that the Temple of Bells doesn't exist. She sets off to keep looking. T-Shirt arrives at the market and settles down to eat a packed lunch. Nickdit steals his crisps and T-Shirt spots him. He tells T-Shirt that he is straving hungry, so T-Shirt gives him an apple.

Debbie turns up at the fat man's chamber. She asks if he's seen Nickdit, but he sends her away. She hides behind a blind.

Nickdit explains his situation to T-Shirt, and T-Shirt takes pity on him. He says that they should break into the masters treasure vault and steal all the stuff back. The reward money shgould be enough to buy his parents a place to live. Nickdit wraps T-Shirt in a rug and takes him to the chamber.

T-Bag appears as a representitive of the Acme Bun Company in the masters chamber. She tempts the fat man with a tray of creamy buns, and says that she would sell them in return for the gold bells. The fat man tucks in, and T-Bag becomes impatient. Nickdit arrives with the rug and carries it into the vault. T-Bag then threatens the fat man. He pulls a handkerchief from his pocket to clean his fingers, and the last gold bell falls out of it. T-Bag grabs it, and Debbie comes out from behind the blind.

Nickdit rushes out of the vault and says that the rug is full of moths and they will eat everything. The master tells him to get rid of the rug. Nickdit takes the rug out of the vault.

Debbie pulls the rug from under T-Bags feet and grabs the last gold bell as it flies from her hand. T-Bag tells the master to hand over the rest, but when he goes into the vault, it is empty.

Nickdit and T-Bag go back to the market and Debbie soon arrives. He and T-Shirt give the bells back to Debbie.

T-Shirt and Debbie then set off to find Major Happy.




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