The T-Room
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T-Bag Bounces Back

Episode 8 (Max the Miller)

First Transmitted 13.3.1987



Jo Warne as Winnie de Mille

Robert Oates as Max the Miller

Debbie arrives in Holland in a tulip Field.

T-Shirt is searching through the breakfast cereal lloking for the free toy. T-Bag complains and snatches the cereal off him. T-Shirt magics the cereal. T-Bag pours herself a bowlful, but all that comes out is little plastic toys. T-Shirt picks up a little package from amongst the toys and hands it to T-Bag. It turns out to be a free cornflake.

T-Bag is really annoyed at this, especially on "a day like today". She then asks T-Shirt to get the mail. She asks if there is anything for her in it, but there isn't. It turns out that it is her birthday and nobody had remembered.

Max the Miller is in his mill, whinging about how little money he is making. He decides to put up his flower prices. Winnie de Mille comes in and asks for two bags of flower. It turns out that she can no longer afford to get flower because the prices are too high. She worries about going out of business as she is a cake maker. Max then sees that she has a gold bell around her neck on a chain and says that she can have one bag of flower for the gold bell. She reluctantly agrees.

Back at the T-Room, T-Shirt has done up the room with lots of balloons and ribbons. T-Bag comes in and he sings "Happy Birthday" to her. He stops half way through because he doesn't know what to call her. She doesn't like being called T-Bag and T-Shirt doesn't think that "Your Majes-Tea" is very friendly. She reluctantly tells him that her name is Tallulah after he says that she has a present. The present turns out to be a football, much to her disgust. She tells him that she would rather have flowers or a birthday cake.

Debbie meets Winnie and asks if she had seen a gold bell anywhere. She tells him that Max has it, but he is really nasty.

T-Shirt appears in the tulip field and starts picking tulips, although he has to shoo swarms of bees off them. He sees Winnie and asks her to make a birthday cake for him. He gives her a bag of money in return for the rush job. He tells her to put lots of little gold bells on it as decoration.

Debbie arrives at the mill. Max tells her to get lost, but she stands her ground.

T-Shirt arrives back at the T-Room to find T-Bag stressing about the gold bells. He tells her that she should take it easy on her birthday. She agrees.

Debbie ends up working for the gold bell.

T-Shirt sees that the cake is ready in the saucer. He then sees that Max has the bell, so he goes to find it. Debbie comes in and she and T-Shirt start arguing. Max puts the bell down on the table and tells the children that nobody is having the bell but him. The children protest noisily. Max slams his hand down on the table, and the middle of the table flips up and catapults the bell out of the window. It lands right in the centre of T-Bag's cake.

T-Bag sees T-Shirt crawling around on the floor looking for the gold bell, but she thinks that he's messing around. She brings him back to the T-Room and tells him off. He explains that he had sorted out some flowers and a cake. He hands her the tulips and she sniffs them. A bee stings her on the nose.

Debbie finds Winnie and asks if she has seen the bell. Winnie says she hasn't.

T-Bag sees that Debbie is nosing around Winnie and the cake, so she makes the cake blow up in her face. Debbie then finds the bell in the exploded remains of the cake. She sets off to find the final bell.



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