The T-Room
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T-Bag Bounces Back

Episode 5 (Bobby Jobsworth and the Temple of Doom)

First Transmitted 20.2.1987



Philip Fox as Bobby Jobsworth

John Clive as Bizzy Beaver

Debbie arrives at a scout's campsite in a jungle. She calls "Hello" and is greeted with terrified, hysterical screams. An umbrella pops out of the tent and lashes about furiously, with cries of "You're not going to eat me!". A head then pokes out of the tent belonging to Bobbie Jobsworth. He explains to Debbie that a man could go man in the jungle because of the "terrible, endless noises" (which turns out to be birdsong). He explain that he is on a mercy mission, trying to find his old scout leader, Bizzy Beaver, who had all the badges in the world, apart from the one for pogo sticking around the world. Bobbie aspires to win his first badge for finding Beaver.

T-Shirt is in the T-Room preparing for Halloween. T-Bag shrieks at him for turning her home into a funfair. She demands a cup of tea. T-Shirt puts on a witches hat and pretends to cast spells over it. T-Bag tell him to put a sock in it, which T-Shirt takes quite literally, but T-Bag tells him to stop messing about.

Debbie explains her quest to Bobbie. They decide to help each other and Debbie decides that they should split up and search for Beaver and the bell.

T-Shirt asks if he can go Trick-or treating, and T-Bag refuses.

Bobbie finds an ancient tomb, which, naturally, he is terrified of. T-Bag appears disguised as an archaeologist ("my life is in ruins" - BOOM, BOOM!). Bobbie tells T-Bag that the tomb could be dangerous and relates to T-Bag a film that he had seen where the leading lady became trapped in a temple and couldn't escape. This gives T-Bag an idea and she distracts Bobbie whilst she makes a hole in the tomb wall just big enough for a little girl to crawl through. She tells Bobbie that she can see a gold bell inside the tomb through the hole. He rushes off to get Debbie.

T-Shirt is sulking in the T-Room because he can't go out trick-or-treating.

Debbie arrives at the temple with Bobbie and crawls into the tomb after handing the bag of bells to Bobbie. T-Bag emerges from the bushes and tell Bobbie to get her a torch. She makes Bobby leave the bag of bells with her whilst he goes back to camp. T-Bag calls to Debbie and tells her that she is trapped and that she has the bells. She then seals the hole in the tomb.

Debbie wanders the passages of the temple. She finds Beaver, who goes on a long rigmarole about how long he had been trapped in the tomb. She tells him that she is trapped too, but that Bobbie is outside to rescue them. They start to cry for help.

T-Bag arrives back in the T-Room and tells T-Shirt to get rid of all of his Halloween stuff. Since she is in a good mood about defeating Debbie, he asks if he can go out trick-or-treating. She refuses again, and T-Shirt goes into another huff.

Debbie and Beaver give up shouting. Beaver explains how he became trapped in the tomb. He tells her that he leaned against a wall and the wall gave way and then slammed shut behind him. He tells her that he has survived by eating dried fruit in the tomb that had been left as offerings. Debbie decides to go for a wander to see if she can find a way out. Beaver says he'll come and find her after ten minutes. She sets off and Beaver sets an alarm clock with the gold bell on it.

T-Shirt decides to go trick-or-treating without permission. He finds the tomb and puts a sheet over his head. He appears in the tomb and scares Beaver out of his brain. Debbie realises that it is T-Shirt and tells him to stop being stupid. He tells her that she is as bad as T-Bag, dumps the sheet and disappears. Beaver comes back and Debbie explains that it wan't a ghost. She demonstrates by putting the sheet on.

T-Bag is wondering where T-Shirt is and sees Debbie in the sheet in the saucer. She appears in the tomb and takes Debbie back to the T-Room, mistaking her for T-Shirt. She demands that T-Shirt take the sheet off and make her a cup of tea. Debbie keeps the sheet on, but makes the cup of tea, using the sock that T-Shirt had magicked up earlier. T-Bag drinks the tea and spits it out. Whilst this is happening, Debbie takes back the bag. T-Bag accuses "T-Shirt" of being spiteful and sends "him" back to the jungle. The real T-Shirt then turns up.

Debbie appears outside the temple in the ghost sheet and scares Bobbie. She takes off the sheet and tells Bobbie that they need to find the secret panel that Beaver fell through.

Meanwhile, T-Shirt makes T-Bag a cup of Tea. She tells him off for making sock tea, and it is revealed that it was Debbie who did this. She looks into the saucer and is relieved to see that Debbie is still looking around the temple to find the bell (she still doesn't know that it really was in the tomb).

Bobbie falls through the secret panel, but Debbie sees. She opens it and Beaver and Bobbie come out. Beaver congratulates Bobbie and tells him that he has earned a badge. The alarm clock goes off in Beavers knapsack and he gets it out. Debbie asks for the bell and he obliges. Beaver then continues to pogo around the world.



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