The T-Room
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T-Bag Bounces Back

Episode 4 (Black Hearted Belle)

First Transmitted 13.2.1987



Jan Hunt as Black Hearted Belle

Ann Penfold as Mrs Merry

Debbie arrives on a Carribean island outside a cave. She sees a pirate ship on the sea and decides that she should leave before her bells are stolen. There is suddenly a loud pirate laugh and she hides in the bushes, burying her bag of bells in the sand. Blackhearted Belle steps out of the cave. Debbie sees that the next bell is worn as an earring by the female pirate. She captures Debbie and takes her back to the ship.

Meanwhile, T-Shirt is playing with his toys in the T-Room. T-Bag comes in and starts whinging about the mess.

Debbie and Belle arrive on the ship and Belle tries to persuade Debbie to join the crew.

Mrs Merry arrives at the T-Room, thinking that Major Happy is still living at the mansion. She bustles in expecting to clean the house. T-Bag gives her a frosty reception, but T-Shirt takes an immediate liking to her, and she takes a liking to T-Shirt. Mrs. Merry explains that she loves playing with children. T-Shirt persuades T-Bag to let her stay and clean the mansion as she said herself that it was a mess.

Belle tries to force Debbie to join the crew. She explains that she got rid of her crew because they were men and she thinks they are a liability. She sings:

Blow the men down lasses

Blow them away!

Men are a nuisance, they get in the way!

With their "HA HA HA HAAA"

And their "YO HO HO HO!"

Men do we need them?


Now don't be mislead by the things you've been told

That women can never be daring and bold.

Put out of your mind all the things that you've heard.

To say that we're weaker than men is absurd!

We women are fearless!

We women are tough!

We don't give a fig if the going gets rough!

We'll stick to our guns.

At danger, we'll scoff.

We'll put a brave face on and laugh it all off!

Blow the men down, lasses!

Blow them away!

Men are a nuisance, they get in the way!

With thier "HA HA HA HAAA!"

And their "YO HO HO HO!"

Men do we need them?


Debbie still refuses to join the crew because she has a quest to perform. She asks Belle if she could have the earring, and Belle becomes helpless with laughter. Whilst she is laughing, Debbie makes a dash for freedom, falls over, and knocks herself out. When she comes to, she can't remeber who she is, so Belle tells her that she is Red Headed Rosie and that she is part of the crew.

T-Shirt and Mrs. Merry are having a great time in the T-Room, much to T-Bag's disgust. She sees that Debbie is working on the ship and assumes that she is trying to get around Belle to get the next bell from her. T-Bag appears on the ship disguised as a pirate and hides behind a mast. She listens to Belle relating the sad story of her long lost cousin to Debbie. She tells her that her name was Mildred and that she was lost at sea.

T-Bag emerges from behind the mast and tells Belle that she is Mildred in a ploy to get the bell.

Mrs. Merry finishes cleaning. T-Shirt offers to take her to the seaside to play. They appear on the Carribean island. T-Shirt wants to play hide and seek, so he hides whilst Mrs. Merry counts.

Belle and T-Bag are catching up on old times. It turns out that Belle was always playing tricks on Mildred. T-Bag admires the earring and says she wishes that she could have jewelery like that. Belle gives her a present since they haven't seen each other for so long. It turns out to be a jack in the box which scares T-Bag.

T-Shirt is hiding in the bushes, and he finds Debbie's bag. He tells Mrs. Merry that he has got to go to give it to T-Bag. He appears on the ship, where Bell takes it off him and threatens to run him through.

He goes back to the beach and tells Mrs. Merry, who is furious and says that if she could go to the ship, then she would sort them out. T-Shirt disguises her as a pirate and sends her to the ship.

Belle is showing the bag to Debbie and asking if she knows anything about it. T-Bag appears and snatches the bag off her and shoves Debbie out of the way. Debbie falls over and bangs her head. She then remembers who T-Bag is and Belle is furious and draws her sword. T-Bag draws her sword and slices through some rigging. A yard arm then falls on her head and knocks her out. Mrs Merry appears and Belle recognises her as the real Mildred.

T-Bag comes to and tells Debbie that she is a charming little girl. Debbie demands her bag back. T-Shirt laughs in her face, but T-Bag says "If it's the little girl's bag, then I must return it to her, mustn't I?". She gives her back the bag and T-Shirt takes her back to the T-Room. Debbie asks Belle for the gold bell, and Belle obliges, saying that she has worked hard for it.

Back at the T-Room, T-Shirt castigates T-Bag for giving back the bells.


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