The T-Room
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T-Bag Bounces Back

Episode 3 (Ivan the Horrible)

First Transmitted 6.2.1987



Frank Thornton as Count Boris

Maggie Wells as the Queen

John Hasler as Ivan the Horrible

Evil Russian Count Boris is fuming and pacing up and down in his garden. We find that the current queen (his sister) has decided that Prince Ivan is to be crowned king. Debbie arrives and asks him what the matter is. He accuses her of trespassing in the royal gardens and locks her up in a cell. The Queen comes in holding the crown and tells Boris to polish it for the coronation. The crown has the bell on it.

When Boris has left, Debbie calls the Queen over to her. The Queen takes pity on her and releases her by picking the lock (as Boris has the only key to the cell). Since the crown is to be given to Ivan, Debbie asks the Queen if she could meet with him. The Queen tells her that he is really stroppy and he is known as Ivan the Horrible.

T-Bag finds that the bell has disappeared from the T-Room and so realises that the batlle is not over yet.

Debbie gets her audience with Ivan. When Ivan comes into the room, he is the exact double of T-Shirt.

Back in the T-Room, T-Shirt finds the gold bell in the crown whilst it is being polished by Boris.

Debbie mistakes Ivan for T-Shirt. Ivan shouts abuse at Debbie. The Queen comes in and offers him some sweeties. Ivan slaps them out of her hand saying that he hates sweeties.

Count Boris resents polishing the crown. T-Shirt appears and is mistaken for Ivan, until Boris finds out that T-Shirt is really pleasant. Boris tells T-Shirt that he can have the bell as long as he helps to make him king.

Debbie is pleading with Ivan to have the bell, but all she gets is abuse. She soon gets sick of this and then gives as good as she gets. Ivan is impressed by this and appoints Debbie the "Royal Playmate".

T-Bag sees Ivan playing with Debbie and thinks that he is T-Shirt. She appears in the room when Debbie has left to retrieve a stray basket ball and take Ivan back to the T-Room.

Meanwhile, Boris is training T-Shirt to be really obnoxious like Ivan.

T-Bag is showered with abuse from Ivan amd so gives him a good telling off, until she notices T-Shirt in the saucer.

T-Shirt is fully dressed in the Prince's robes and the Queen comes to collect him for the coronation. T-Bag appears and demands to know from Boris what is going on. Boris refuses to tell her, so she hynoptises him into telling her. We find out that T-Shirt will be crowned and then abdicate to Count Boris. T-Bag finds out that T-Shirt stands to get the bell from the crown in return.

Boris finds out that T-Bag has the real Ivan and tells her to bring him back to the palace where he can be locked up safely.

T-Shirt and the Queen enter the throne room and find Debbie. Debbie's suspicions are aroused when T-Shirt demands to know what she is doing there and who she is.

The coronation begins. T-Bag and Boris enter the throne room. T-Bag and Debbie exchange "pleasantries" and Debbie tell T-Bag that she knows wahts going on. She rushes off to find the real Ivan and finds him locked in the cell that she was in. She remebers that the lock could be picked with a pin. She uses the pin on the "Royal Playmate" badge.

Just as the Queen is placing the crown on T-Shirt's head, Ivan and Debbie rush in to stop the ceremony. T-Shirt accuses Ivan of being an impostor. Debbie congratulates T-Shirt on identifying a possible impostor. T-Shirt thanks her (which arouses the Queens suspicions as Ivan has never said thanks in his life). Debbie then offers T-Shirt some sweeties, telling him that he really likes them. T-Shirt accepts them, and the Queen realises that he is not the real Ivan. She crowns the real Ivan. T-Bag takes T-Shirt back to the T-Room in a rage. Boris flees the kingdom.

Ivan realises from T-Shirts impersonation how obnoxious he really is and vows to change now that he is king.

Debbie sets off to find the next bell.

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