The T-Room
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T-Bag Bounces Back

Episode 2 (Nights in Arabia)

First Transmitted 30.1.1987



Bernard Bresslaw as Omar Caraffe

John Levitt as the Genie

Debbie arrives in the desert. T-Bag sees this in her saucer and raises the temperature in the desert to an unbearable level.

We then find Omar Caraffe at his oasis where he sells water to travellers. He sings his sales pitch:

Oh, I think that you oughtta

Buy a bottle of my water,

Else you'll find you're in a lot of trouble high and dry.

You had better stop and think some,

If you do not buy and drink some

You most certainly will shrivel up and die


Ahh. Buy a bottle from me!

I've got water by the litre

You may be a healthy eater,

But you've got to wet your whistle in the desert sun.

If you don't the sorry fact is

That you're tongue will feel like cactus,

And believe me that is simply no fun!


So don't stand there hesitating,

You are slowly dehydrating.

I would strongly recommend you buy a drink from me.

It depends on you and whether

You would much prefer to wither

And be gobbled by the vultures for their tea.


Debbie, meanwhile, is still wandering under the scorching sun. She spies the oasis through the haze and then she hears a bell ringing before she collapses, unconscious.

The bell is Omar at the watering hole in his tent. He is jingling the bell in his budgies cage and talking to it, wishing that it would talk back to him. He goes outside for a drink and sees Debbie collapsed, so he picks her up and takes her into his tent.

Meanwhile, T-Bag is gloating about Debbie. T-Shirt explains that he is practising his ventriliquism, but he is really bad at it. T-Bag teaches him how to do it properly.

Meanwhile, Debbie comes to in Omar's tent. Omar tells her to rest until she gets her strength back. She goes to sleep.

T-Bag sees that the gold bell is in the budgies cage and tells T-Shirt to get rid of Omar so that she can get the bell.

Omar is talking to the budgie and wishing it would talk back. T-Shirt appears and throws his voice so that Omar thinks that the budgie (Sinbad) is talking to him. He then diguises himself as a representative of the Acme Bird Company, and convinces Omar that he should enter Sinbad in a talented bird competition. Omar takes the cage and follows T-Shirt off into the desert.

Debbie wakes up and goes out of the tent to look for Omar. She finds a bottle half buried in the sand. When she opens it, a very flambuoyant genie appears and promises her three wishes. T-Bag appears in the tent and fumes about the cage being misses. She hears that Debbie is about to make three wishes and rushes out of the tent to stop her. She accuss the genie of being a fraud and tells him to get back into the bottle to proove his powers. The trick works and T-Bag steals the bottle.

Omar comes back to the oasis, fuming because there was no competition. T-Bag appears and tells him that she wants the bell from the cage, but Omar refuses, so she turns him into a budgie. She takes the bell from the cage.

T-Shirt finds the genie bottle in the T-Room and releases the genie, who disappears to fulfill Debbie's wishes. T-Bag returns to the T-Room to gloat at Debbie's defeat.

Debbie finds Omar in the cage. The genie appears and Debbie decides to make her wishes. With her first wish, she turns Omar back into a human. The second wish is used to destroy T-Bag, but when she disappears, she has the bell in her hand. T-Shirt appears and demands to know what has happened to her. He tells Debbie that the bell went with her. Debbie wishes that she hadn't made that wish. The Genie restores T-Bag and the bell.

The genie then starts moralising at Debbie about how people squander their wishes. Omar then points out to the genie that Debbie is entitled to the second wish all over again as she had wish that she had never had it, and so effectively had not used it. The Genie is confused, but obliges. Debbie wishes for the bell.

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