The T-Room
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T-Bag Bounces Back

Episode 1 (The Ousting of Major Happy)

First Transmitted 23.1.1987



Tony Haygarth as Major Happy

T-Shirt and Debbie rush into the shop to listen to records. Debbie goes to Thomas's room, while Thomas looks for the record player. He comes across a new musical box on a shelf and gets it down. He turns the handle, and T-Bags face appears in it. She kidnaps him. Debbie comes in, hearing the noise, and finds that he's gone.

She sees the music box and turns the handle. It clanks and groans, so she assumes that it's broken. A little figure standing on top of the box (Major Happy) tells her that it is not broken, but that his glockenspiel has been stolen, so he can't play music. He tells her that the world of the musical box was very beautiful until now. Debbie guesses that T-Bag has moved in, so she decides that she will go to help.

Debbie explains to that she has beaten T-Bag before.

T-Bag explains to T-Shirt how her powers have returned and that she has discovered a new T-Plant (the High T-Plant). She then enchants T-Shirt into becoming her T-Caddy once more.

The Major explains that he used to use the Glockenspiel to keep everyone happy in the musical box. Cue flashback and his song:

Good morning everybody,

Good morning one and all.

This is Major Happy with your early morning call.

Come on you sleepyheads get up

And greet another day.

I'm here to keep you smiling and this is what I say.


Oh! Who made you happy?

Major Happy made you happy.

Made you merry, made you jump for joy.

Who made you happy?

Major Happy made you happy every girl and boy.

So if you have a heavy heart

And everything seems wrong,

My Glockenspiel will make you feel

Like bursting into song.

If clouds of grey should spoil your day

Get set for sunny spells.

You're sure to sing when I start to ring

My magic golden bells!


He then goes back into his lounge and plays the Glockenspiel. On the last note, there is a thunderclap and T-Bag appears and curses at him. He decides to cheer her up by playing her a "special tune" that he hadn't tried before. As he starts playing it, T-Bag starts to fade away. She puts a stop to it by disappearing the bells and the frame of the Glockenspiel. She then kicks the Major out of his home and creates her T-Room in the lounge.

Cut back to Debbie and the Major in the Town square. Debbie decides that the bells must be recovered.

T-Bag sees that Debbie has turned up and so she enchants T-Shirt into hating her.

Back in the town square, Major Happy is forbidding Debbie to confront T-Bag, but Debbie is determined and sets off up the mountain to get the bells.

T-Bag is drinking tea when Debbie turns up. T-Bag tells her that she has scattered the bells far across the world and that she will never be able to find them.

Major Happy is clearing up paper darts that T-Shirt has thrown down into the town square from the T-Room on the mountainside. Debbie arrives and forlornly tells him that the bells are scattered across the world. Major Happy says that's no biggie because his world was very small. Debbie then realises that T-Bag could only have scattered them across the world of the music box, and not across the planet. She sets off to find them.

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