The T-Room
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T-Bag Strikes Again

Episode 10 (The Magic Garden)

First transmitted 29.10.1986




Roy Barraclough as Hickory Dickory-Dock


T-Shirt is in the T-Room, bending T-Bags silver teaspoons. He gets told off by T-Bag and told to make a cup of tea. He uses a leaf from a plant other than the T-Plant. T-Bag realises that the tea tastes funny, but she praises T-Shirt for the tea.

Debbie sees T-Shirt making the tea and decides that she has been double-crossed and so heads off to story number one.

Before Debbie arrives, T-Bag captures Hickory and takes his clothes and takes on his appearance. Debbie arrives and then hands them over to T-Bag in disguise. After T-Bag leaves, Debbie discovers the real Hickory tied up in an alleyway. She realises that she has been tricked, and Hickory is stupefied at how Debbie "could be so silly". Debbie decides not to "go down without a fight" and heads off back to story 10 to get back the number.

T-Bag is full of self praise about how ingenious her plan was. She decides to get rid of them forever by melting them down over a stove. Debbie bangs on the T-Room door and demands the numbers back. T-Bag announces that the numbers are being melted and asks her to come and see for herself. T-Shirt shows T-Bag and Debbie a pan full of melted silver. Debbie runs off back to Hickory, and T-Shirt tricks T-Bag into letting him follow her under the pretense that he is going to bully her.

Debbie arrives back in story number one and cries as she relates what has happened to Hickory. Hickory starts crying aswell. Debbie then decides to go back home. T-Shirt rushes into the town square and gives Debbie the numbers in his cap. He explains that he had swapped the silver number for the silver teaspoons and that they had been melted instead.

T-Shirt and Debbie lay out the numbers on the ground and find that the 10, 11 and the 1 from twelve are missing. Hickory turns up in his spare uniform and they find 4 number ones on the medals on his uniform.

T-Bag starts to suspect that T-Shirt has done something to her cup of tea as she drinks it.

Debbie finds that the 0 is missing from 10. She finds it on a sign pointing to the "Tower". It is the letter O.

She puts it with the others, and suddenly a heavenly choir starts singing and the numbers disappear and reappear on the clock. T-Bag discovers that the clock is working in her saucer and goes to rectify this situation. She finds that her powers are beginning to fail as she transports herself to the town square. Her powers fail completely in the town square, and T-Shirt explains that the last cup of tea he made wasn't tea at all and that her powers were weakening the more she drank.

The clock strikes midnight, and Hickory remembers the end of the story - that at midnight, everything evil withers and dies and is replaced by goodness. We then see the T-Plant burst into flames as the T-Room collapses. T-Bag disappears with a scream.

Debbie then finds that everyone else in the town square had disappeared and so she takes herself back to the shop. Thomas comes in and finds Debbie standing in front of the book with her eyes closed and the ending sequence goes something like this:

Thomas: Great book that, eh?

Debbie: You frightened me!

Thomas: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to.

Debbie: Yes, it's a great book.

Thomas: I love stories with a happy ending. Don't you?

Debbie: Yes... (closes book)... I do.

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