The T-Room
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T-Bag Strikes Again

Episode 9 (Charlie Chuckles)

First transmitted 22.10.1986




Christopher Lillicrap as Charley Chuckles

Brian Murphy as the King

Debbie and T-Shirt arrive in a woodland in the middle of a travelling sideshow. T-Shirt starts bragging about his magic, and helps Debbie find the number 9 by making the location appear in a mirror. It is in a castle.

T-Bag is throwing darts at a picture of Debbie in the T-Room. She then decides to take away T-Shirts powers by using a T-Plant spell:

Oh, Mighty Plant, oh, Sacred Weed

Attend my wishes now with speed.

Reach out to T-Shirt where e'er he be

And bring his magic back to me.

Everything goes dark across the woodland and a high pitched whining sound follows. When everything returns to normal, the gold T on T-Shirts cap and t-shirt have disappeared, and he can no longer use his powers.

A cymbal sounds and the travelling entertainer (Charlie Chuckles) enters and starts the show with a song:

"When the sound of the overture starts to pound

and excited people have gathered around,

Then you know that the show has been and gone and begun,

And for sure you're in for an evening of fun!

Clap your hands! Crack your knuckles!

You're in the company of Charlie Chuckles!"

Charlie tells awful jokes and then reveals that he does magic tricks, and T-Shirt then says that he can do real magic. He gets up on the stage and tries to magic up a bunch of flowers, but fails. He realises that his powers have completely gone. Debbie figures out that T-Bag must have taken them away.

Charlie then teaches T-Shirt a few magic tricks. Charlie decides to make T-Shirt his assistant. He teaches T-Shirt how to make a silver coin disappear and reapper in Debbies ear. He then shows Debbie how to do it. Debbie decides to press on and find the next number. She reaches the castle.

The king is in the castle sorting through his papers, and getting thoroughly sick of it. He then decides that rather than performing his duties, he'd prefer to play skittles (his main love in life). He has a the silver number 9 around his neck as a lucky charm. Debbie walks in and catches him playing skittles. The king pleads with her not to tell anyone that she had seen him. She finds out that he hates being king. She tells him that she is after the silver number nine, but she only gets as far as "I'm after a little silver..." before the king interrupts and says "A little silver? I have loads of it! Go and help yourself.".

T-Bag is brooding over T-Shirt leaving her. She then decides to go and search for the number in the castle. She appears as the king is sorting out his paper, and feeds him a story about her being a visiting dignitary and that he must have misplaced the letter from her. She threatens that if she is not entertained as royalty, she will tell everyone what a failure he is. He rushes off to find an entertainer.

He arrives at Charlies showground and pleads with him to come to the castle and give a royal performance. Charlie refuses as the king hasn't paid for past shows, unless he can be paid in advance. The king gives him the number 9.

Debbie rushes into the throne room, straight into T-Bag, who nearly zaps her, but is interrupted by the king and Charlie who starts the show.

Charlie reaches the point where he makes the silver coin disappear. He goes to make the silver number 9 disappear, and since T-Shirt isn't there, and Debbie knows how to do the trick, he chooses her from the audience. T-Bag threatens him unless she is given the number, so Debbie agrees that T-Bag should have it, but then Charlie makes the number disappear so that Debbie has it. T-Shirt returns after the show is finished and T-Bag roots him to the spot. Debbie runs off after T-Shirt tells her to. T-Bag then takes T-Shirt back to the T-Room.

Debbie runs into the magic garden where T-Bag lives, closely followed by T-Bag, who calls out to her and threatens her.


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