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T-Bag Strikes Again

Episode 8 (Professor Pockets)

First transmitted 15.10.86




Arthur Howard as Professor Pockets

John Thirtle as the puppeteer for the Hooter


Debbie arrives in a garden by a shed. The shed is owned by Professor Patrick Pockets, who is a keen astronomist. We learn that he is very keen on the moon. He gives Debbie a telescope to look through. She sees something glittering on the moon, so the Professor takes her into the shed to look closer at the glittering object through a more powerful telescope.

Meanwhile, T-Bag is rejoicing at Deborah's downfall. T-Shirt is in a real huff.

T-Bag reads her stars and finds that she has "A shocking day in store" and that she must "Take care, lest you get your fingers burned".

Back at the shed, Debbie discovers that the glittering object is the silver number eight.

T-Bag sees that Debbie has the number seven in her saucer, so she goes to the shed to sort her out, but appears with her foot in a bucket and starts clattering around outside the shed. Pockets thinks that the noise is a rat and reveals that he has plenty of traps in his pocket. Debbie sees that it is T-Bag through the window, and tells Pockets to go out and put her off the scent by saying that she had never been there.

T-Bag tricks him into telling her that Debbie is in the shed, so T-Bag gets her out of the shed. Debbie then tricks T-Bag into banishing them to the moon.

On the moon, the professor tells Debbie to stay in the shed as he goes out to make sure that it is safe before Debbie can venture out.

T-Bag rejoices at banishing Debbie. She then decides to get a bit of beauty sleep and puts on a mask.

Patrick Pockets is exploring and comes across a strange rock formation. He takes out a hammer and taps on it, and it makes makes a musical note. A little pink alien pops up with a pair of binoculars around it's neck. The silver number 8 is on the binoculars. The Prof goes to talk to the alien, but it runs away.

Debbie is waiting in the shed and starts humming to herself. The little alien pops through the window and starts humming along too, but runs away when Debbie goes to talk it.

Debbie leaves the shed to find the alien, and T-Shirt appears. Together they find the Professor and they work out that the alien is attracted to music. The Professor plays a tune on the rocks with his hammer, and they sing a song:

"Music makes the moon go round

And eveyone enjoys the sound

of music, so I've gone and found.

Music makes the moon go round."

The little alien appears and they trade the Professors hammer for the silver number 8, so that the alien can play it's own music on the rocks.

Meanwhile, T-Bag is still resting until she realises that T-Shirt had disappeared. She then spots him in the saucer and finds the silver number 8. She goes to sort the situation.

The Professor has the number in his pockets, so T-Bag goes to take it, but gets her fingers caught in rat traps.

T-Shirt then transports them back to Earth, and they find that the Hooter (the little alien) has stowed away. T-Shirt and Debbie set off to find the number 9.

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