The T-Room
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T-Bag Strikes Again

Episode 5 (Ali Barber)

First transmitted 24.9.1986



David Janson as Ali Barber

Norman Mitchell as Sultan Vinegar


Debbie arrives in a bazaar.

Ali Barber is having trouble with the Sultan who wants his taxes. Ali has no customers at his hairdressing shop, although he is expecting them. As such, he can't pay his taxes until they arrive.

He sees Debbie and railroads her into having her hair cut against her will. He takes the silver numbers from her bag as payment.

T-Shirt is cleaning the T-Room, but T-Bag criticises his house keeping. She sees the barber in the saucer and announces that she wants her hair done. T-Shirt eagerly volunteers to do it for her, but she vehemently discourages him. She sees in the saucer that the numbers have been put into the till at the shop. T-Shirt secretly does T-Bags hair by magic and accidentally makes it look like a Christmas tree.

Meanwhile, the Sultan is harrassing Ali for his taxes and ends up taking the silver numbers.

T-Bag appears and Ali ridicules her Christmas tree hairstyle. much to T-Bags disgust (she still doesn't know about the hairdo).

Whilst Ali is getting some "special tools" for T-Bags hair, she raids the cash register only to find no numbers. Ali comes back with some garden sheers and this leads to T-Bag discovering the hairdo. She flies into a rage and goes back to the T-Room.

Meanwhile, the Sultan is counting his silver. He leaves the room and Debbie creeps in and hides in a large basket.

T-Bag arrives back at the T-Room and chases T-Shirt around in fury. T-Shirt attempts to make the hairstyle disappear, but only succeeds in making T-Bags whole head vanish. He can only bring it back with the hairdo.

The Sultan is filling out his books. He takes the numbers and puts them in his safe with the words "Open Sesame". T-Bag sees this in her saucer and tells T-Shirt how to open the safe. He goes to the palace, but can't remeber the magic words. T-Bag sees this and despairs. She decides to do it herself, hairdo or no.

Debbie sneezes and the Sultan hears. T-Shirt hides in a second large basket. He spots Debbie in the other one, seconds before T-Bag arrives. He tries to warn her about Debbie, but she won't listen and orders him back to the T-Room.

The Sultan comes in and starts laughing at T-Bags hair. She gives him long, pink hair. She tells him that unless he hands over the numbers, he'll have pink hair forever and everyone will say, "Here comes old Pinkylocks. Stinky-Winky Pinkylocks". He obliges and T-Bag hands them to Debbie, who she mistakes for T-Shirt in the second basket. Debbie leaves, and T-Bag realises what she has just done.

Ali ends up sorting out the Sultans hair. He gets paid with the silver number five, which he gives to Debbie (because his luck has improved since Debbie appeared).


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