The T-Room
Counter: 123

T-Bag Strikes Again

Episode 4 (Scrap Harry)

First transmitted 17.9.1986



Richard Rees as Scrap Harry

Jack Haig as the Genie



Debbie finds herself aboard a junk belonging to a scrap metal dealer (ho, ho, ho!) called Scrap Harry. He enters with a song:

Copper kettles, aluminium pots and pans,

Iron railings and gates,

Rusty gutters, broken bumpers, tins and cans,

I'll give you all the best rates.


Harry. Scrap Harry.

Where e'er you go, look high and low

and search under your bed.

Harry. Scrap Harry.

Clear out your loft and empty out your shed.

Iron woks and cogs and pots,

Unwanted mangles,

Silver platters and plates,

Matress springs, engagement rings and golden bangles,

Yes, I'll give you all the best rates.


Harry reveals that he's down on his luck.

T-Bag gets in a mood with T-Shirt because he's left his toys lying all over the T-Room. She decides to take them all to Scrap Harry, but in the meantime, she makes T-Shirt clear the shelves in the T-Room.

Aboard the junk, she finds out that Harry also deals in silver. She concocts a story about Debbie being her daughter who was lost at sea. She asks Harry to watch out for her.

He takes the toys from T-Bag and gives her a balloon as payment. Back at the T-Room, T-Shirt grabs the balloon to play with, so T-Bag bursts it.

Debbie is discovered aboard the junk by Harry and tells her that her mum is really worried about her. Debbie guesses who "mum" is and what her plan is.

Whilst searching for the number, she finds a lamp amongst the scrap metal and summons an extremely elderly genie from it. He offers her a wish, so she wishes for the number four. The genie starts searching through the scrap metal because he is too old to do magic.

T-Bag appears whilst they are searching so Debbie wishes to be hidden. The genie hides her in the lamp.

Harry, the genie and T-Bag meet on the deck and Harry relates T-Bags story to the genie. He takes pity on T-Bag and gives her the lamp with Debbie in it.

T-Bag put the lamp on the shelves in the T-Room. T-Shirt wants a balloon, since T-Bag burst the last one, but he fails to magic one up. He takes the stuff from the shelves (including the lamp) to Harry, who gives him a huge bunch of balloons in gratitude.

The genie gets Debbie back out of the lamp.

Meanwhile, T-Bag is rejoicing at the defeat of Debbie. T-Shirt comes in with his balloons. T-Bag notices that the lamp has gone and works out where the balloons came from.

The genie carries on trying to conjur up the number four. He manages a core, a saw and a door. The door has the number four on it. Since he has fulfilled the wish, he returns to the lamp to sleep.

Harry takes Debbie to story 5.

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