The T-Room
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T-Bag Strikes Again

Episode 3 (Ben and Bunty Badshot)

First transmitted 10.9.1986



Frank Middlemass as Ben Badshot

Brenda Cowling as Bunty Badshot


Debbie lands on a desert island and gets caught in a net trap. The trap belongs to Ben Badshot who has moved to the island to escape society, but he really loves cricket.

In the T-Room, T Shirt is bored and suggests going to see Debbie to play. T-Bag forbids him.

Back on the island, Ben hears a bird and goes to shoot it for lunch. He is stopped by a rotund, school ma'amish ornithologist (Bunty) and they end up in a big argument. Ben storms off after accidentally being hit on the head by a coconut.

T-Shirt decides to learn to play golf from a book. When he reaches the line, "Place ball on tee", he places it on T-Bags cup of tea which she later drinks, golf ball and all.

Debbie befriends Bunty who agrees to help her search for the number three.

T-Bag finds the silver number through her saucer. It is stuck to Ben's cricketing trophy in his hut. She sends T-Shirt off to get rid of Bunty and Debbie to throw them off the scent. He puts a bird on his head and hides in the bushes. When Bunty sees it, she follows it.

T-Bag disguises herself as a bat salesperson after vanishing Ben's bat right out of his hand. She offers him the perfect bat in exchange for the trophy and he reluctantly agrees.

T-Shirt is caught by Bunty and tries to get out of trouble by producing an egg from a rare bird from his cap. Ben turns up wanting to play cricket with his new bat and mistakes the egg for a cricket ball and throws it in the air. Bunty catches it with the shout of "Howzat". Ben recognises her as his sister by the way in which she shouts it.

In the middle of this emotional reunion, T-Bag steps out from the bushes and reveals to Debbie that she has the number. T-Bag and Bunty get into a fight which Ben stops by threatening T-Bag with his rifle. T-Bag zaps the gun and Ben shoots a coconut out of a tree, which lands on T-Bags head and causes her to drop the number which Debbie grabs.

T-Bag and T-Shirt go back to the T-Room to nurse her head and Debbie, Ben and Bunty play cricket before the quest continues...

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