The T-Room
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T-Bag Strikes Again

Episode 2 (One, Two, Buckle my Shoe)

First Transmitted 11.4.1985



Deborah Thau as Penelope Plumber

Paul Venables as Prince Pimple


Debbie meets up with the dashing Prince Pimple in a creepy forest. He explains that he is lost in the woods looking for the Princess of his dreams. In a castle in a forest, we find Penelope Plumber working on a sink in the kitchen. She sings a song:

Certain maids with long tresses

stay at home and make dresses

they sit at their spinningwheels so.

They polish their nails and their hair never fails

to be neatly tied up in a bow.

But that's not for me;

The feeling is simply not mutual,

For in no time at all

I can plaster a wall.

As young ladies go I'm unusual!

Certain other sweet maidens

with braces aren't laden;

They curtsey and simper and whinge.

They flutter their fans with their lilly white hands.

Other young maidens cause me to cringe.

But that's not for me.

I may not be quite as enamouring,

But quick as a wink, I can unblock a sink.

Oh, I'm all together happier hammering!

Meanwhile, in the T-Room, T-Bag discovers that Debbie is still after the numbers. Debbie finds her way to Penelope's kitchen and inquires about any princesses in the building. Penelope tells her that just one lives in the castle.

T-Bag finds that the silver shoes that Prince Pimple is carrying for his Princess are decorated with both silver number twos. She takes on the guise of an old beggarwoman to try to trick the prince into giving them to her, but this plan fails.

Debbie explains to Penelope about the Prince and how he is looking for his bride. Penelope thinks that this is a degrading idea.

T-Bag observes all this in her saucer and gets T-Shirt to lure Penelope out of the castle by telling her that there was a plumbing emergency.

Whilst they are away, T-Bag disguises herself as a princess to try to trick the shoes out of the prince. She ends up arguing with him and so enchants him to give her the shoes, but Debbie comes in followed by Penelope and T-Shirt.

Debbie offers to put the shoes on T-Bag becuase she knows that they won't fit her. As she does this, she swaps them for the prince's shoes. T-Bag leaves, thinking she has the shoes.

Prince Pimple gets Penelope to put the silver shoes on and she transforms into the princess. Prince Pimple goes into raptures about how happy they will be together, but Penelope wants to carry on doing DIY. Prince Pimple surprises her by knowing all about DIY and they end up plumbing happily ever after.

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